Sunday, October 07, 2018

All Quiet.. but for how long?

So I have to wonder, does it seem eerily quiet to everyone out there?  I know work is out there and everyone is busy, but since GlassBuild ended, at least for me, it’s been very quiet with regards to news and actions in our space.  Usually there is always a hot rumor or issue that needs attention.  Not so much lately.  There was one big note that I will get to below, but for the most part the last few weeks have been very mellow.  I am not sure what to make of it, or of its only me who’s feeling this malaise but I sure hope it passes quickly. 


--  The big news was the National Glass Association hiring Andrew Haring as their new VP of Business Development.  Andrew was one of the people I interviewed this summer and I have always been a huge fan.  The energy and insight he’s going to bring to this role will be incredible and our industry will benefit from it.  I can’t wait to see what actions he works to implement.  Congrats Andrew on the new gig!

--  The latest Glass Magazine for review was the GlassBuild edition and it is very special for a few reasons.  Foremost among them is the front cover and the way it was laid out.  The cover actually opens up to reveal a very classy ad dedicated to the retirement of Don Friese.  Great way to honor the man and the cover story by Katy Devlin inside the magazine was right on point.  In addition this issue featured the prestigious annual Glass Magazine awards and recognized several organizations in various categories.  When you flip through the winners you can take pride in some of the brilliance our industry has to offer.  Congrats to all!  Overall the content was super and if you are going to glasstec in a few weeks, you’ll want to make sure to review the products previewed starting on page 74.   

--  As for the Ad of the month… 2 winners- Cut Pro Clothing had an ad you could not miss.  It was a thicker card stock, so your magazine opened to it and it was an eye-catching piece.  I can admit I have never heard of these folks, but I am aware know and kudos to them for a great piece.  My other winner is SAFTI First with the very sharp ad on their flooring system.  Picture choice was perfect- color and layout attractive.  Job well done by Diana San Diego and team! 

--  Fellow road warriors… the latest airport rankings from JD Power are out… here are the top 10 “mega” airports (so your bigger cities etc.) with some comments from me…

10- San Francisco
9- Phoenix – Maybe the weather is nice?  But 9th? And it’s ahead of Seattle (16th) no way.
8- Minneapolis-St. Paul- I’m good with this… could be higher.
7- Houston George Bush-  I think too high, but not bad. 
6- Atlanta- Hartsfield- Under construction and can be a mad house, but it is actually a pretty decent airport.  Lacks enough places to recharge your phone though.
5- Dallas Forth Worth- No way. Though it’s gotten better with construction but still a nightmare to get around it, and lack of escalators/elevators to get you from ground floor up are frightening.
4- Denver- This is the biggest head scratcher on the list.  Lack of bathrooms, lack of charging, lack of food options.  Brutal.
3- Detroit-  This is a homer pick but I love this airport.  Clean, bright, easy to navigate and plenty of everything.
2- Orlando- SERIOUSLY??  Security, even with TSA clearance can be rough, and the terminal side is older, with no place to sit, few food options and dream on if you need to charge your phone.  How this #2 is beyond me….
And #1… Las Vegas.  I am somewhat OK with this as there is a good layout of food options and places to charge up.  But better than Detroit, Atlanta, or Minneapolis?  No way.   Maybe some day I’ll do my own formal rankings.  If you have your thoughts please let me know… for more including ranks of the smaller airports here’s thestory.

--  Thirsty Thursday Alert- This week… October 11th at 1PM EST… Updates to ASTM Glass Railings Standard presented by Vicente Montes of CDC.  With how hot the railing business is now, this is a very timely seminar.  Signup at this link and learn!

--  Last this week… October is here and how cool is it that every major sport around is now underway…. I love it.  I know my friends in Canada want my hockey picks- so here goes… Stanley Cup will be Boston vs. San Jose with the Sharks winning it.  And sorry my Maple Leaf friends, even with John Tavares, the Leafs still won’t get to the Cup this year.  (Does me saying this pretty much guarantee the Leafs will win it all now??? Ha Ha)


This is great…

I think any time you read a crazy story anymore you can guess its happening in Florida.  Just like this one…

Pizza guy is clutch!!

This one is for my friend Rob Struble of Vitro… his favorite mascot in action…. And by the way that pizza looked better than what it was rated!!!

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