Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sustainable vs. Regenerative

I saw a pretty interesting piece this week with regards to following a sustainability path or a regenerative one.  In all honesty I think this is the first time I have ever seen the word regenerative so digging into this was new to me.  The basic premise is that sustainable building practices can’t go the distance and that a change in thinking is needed.  I am honestly not smart enough to wade anywhere near that argument, I just want to be a part of what is best for our world going forward and I am already a fan of some of the techniques mentioned (like Zero Net) so maybe this needs to be a larger part of the overall environmental discussion?  In any case check out the article and let me know what you think…


--  By the way speaking of sustainable and the green building world- anyone care to guess how many standards and rating systems there are out there now?  I recently saw a list that had 12….wild.

--  Monthly Glass Magazine review time…  Are you thinking about going to glasstec?  If so make sure you check out the excellent pieces from Olivia Parker on the event.  In addition Wendy Vardaman did a fabulous job on high-end door and entrance hardware- that is a very hot segment and she covered the story perfectly.  And as always there’s trends pieces that cannot be missed- this month John Wheaton with the Top 10 in the curtain wall world.  Seriously well done- but I am biased with John- I think he could just string random letters together and I’d love it.  All in all make sure you check out the entire issue!

--  After taking last month off with my best ad kudos, I am back this month with 2.  Kawneer is back in the spotlight (I have noted them before) with their inside cover piece focused on education.  Loved the graphic design of it- very eye catching.  The other was a slim, smart ad from Vicone High Performance Rubber.  Just a very simple approach that worked- made me stop and read.  Well done!  

--  Normally I would put this in the link section but its too interesting to not call out here…  It is an article I had saved to read from 2015 (yes I am way behind, my instapaper account is overflowing) and it’s on the first digital camera.  It’s a great read but also comes with a lesson… you may be loaded right now with work but if you are not paying attention to trends and also looking to diversify, you could end up seeing the world pass you by…

--  Follow up from last week… I got great insights from several people on “Cheerwine” including an offer to send me some! (Thank you!)  So now when I head to Virginia or the Carolina’s I am going to take it in and give it a shot.  I appreciate everyone for taking the time to reply to me on it.  I’ll have to post a shot of me drinking it and a review when that happens.

--  Last this week… starting in June I am kicking off a new segment here to the blog…  It’s called the “Big 3” and it will be 3 questions to various people in and around the glass and glazing industry.  Some of the folks interviewed will be old time friends, but also some will be people I don’t know until I get the chance to interview them.  I have a list of folks I am going to approach and it will cover all different areas of our world- from sales reps, to management, to technical and in every channel we have.  I’m excited about it and quite frankly think it will add a fresh coat of paint to this blog.  It won’t be every week but enough to infuse some energy here and also give you different insights.  So stay tuned- and keep an eye on your e-mails as I may be asking you!


You usually see movies like this- impersonating a high school student

The Vape trend is just scary to me on a lot of levels, one of which being the dangerous way it’s delivered.


If you can get past the kids on here over-acting- it’s a good piece on them trying favorite kids snacks from the 90’s.  Though Pez was surely not the 90’s! I loved them….

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