Sunday, May 13, 2018

Growth Areas

Twice a year a very interesting webinar takes place featuring the top analysts from the construction, architecture, and contractor world.  Usually I report on the typical details including the pace of predictions and what the overall expectations will be  from the market.  But this time I wanted to focus in one area of commercial building space that could be a hidden champion moving forward.  Renovation & Remodel.  If I understood the panelist correctly the retail space is ripe for renovation because of the amount of store closings out there and that’s pushing the space into mixed use buildings.  Obviously that needs renovation.  Also office growth is strongest in one area- urban renovation-  as the trend of the suburban office park looks to be a thing of the past.  Last hotels are pretty saturated and now facing stiff competition from outsourcing players like Airbnb, they’ll need to update and remodel to at least stem that tide of defections.  So bottom line?  New construction may still be out there- but don’t sleep on the reno side…


--  Speaking of all that- airport construction is poised for serious growth.  The infrastructure of so many airports has been stretched to the limit that finally money is coming through to help.  Good article here breaks it all down…  

--  My twitter feed reminded me that GlassBuild America opens in 4 months...  Get yourself registered and book the hotel.  

--  It was super to see Sam Hill of Oak Cliff Mirror & Glass be honored by the Texas Glass Association (TGA) this week.  Sam is one of the good guys in our world (as is Felix Munson who is the current President of the TGA) so it’s awesome to see his work and efforts appreciated!

--  As I do from time to time here I review new website launches and I love to do so.  Technology allows us to do so much more these days.  So that said kudos to Intermac on their new site. Strong, smart site that checks the two major boxes- it looks fabulous and it’s easy to get around.  I can’t tell you how many sites I run into where the design is breathtaking but trying to navigate it is miserable.  Nice work here by the team at Intermac for making it user friendly and memorable.

--  So California will now require solar panels on all new homes.  Which makes me wonder when there will be moves to do more with regards to renewable energy or Net Zero on commercial structures.  Keeping in mind one of the main issues with energy loss in this country still remains with the old inventory.  Until those buildings can be addressed and then improved, all we are doing is treading water.

--  I have been in the southern part of the US twice over the last few weeks and I keep seeing this soft drink (assuming that it is a soft drink its with the Cokes and Pepsi in the store fridge) called “Cheerwine”  - anyone know what it is?  I am curious what the taste is?  I almost grabbed one thinking it was my all time favorite Diet Dr. Pepper…

--  Last this week… Like many of you I am a road warrior… and I always like to see different hotels, their layouts and approaches etc.  Well this list of the top 5 “green” hotels is very cool but I doubt my travels will ever take me to any of them.


When I first saw this video I seriously thought it was a clip from Titanic.

This takes the cake for bizarre divorce story.

Nice work by Ken Jeong- actor, comedian and life saver!


Funny video of the Cleveland Cavaliers and all LeBron… I think LeBron is so good he could carry 4 people off the street into the NBA playoffs.

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