Saturday, May 05, 2018

High Performance is High Priority

A lot of news came out of the Annual Conference recently held in California.  Glass Magazine will have in-depth breakdowns of everything, but just a quick take from me on one of the happenings.  Dr. Tom Culp (best in the business) reiterated what he covered at BEC with regards to more stringent energy codes coming down the path.  If you are in the IGU business and not paying attention to these moves you are doing yourself a massive disservice… Get up to speed.  Because of this  movement I also think products like dynamics and VIG will start to really become enticing on the commercial side to work within that world.  Also I mentioned last week on the California GWP but still don’t have my information settled- I will post on that as soon as I do!


--  I have noted here a few times that there’s been some soft spots in the marketplace to start 2018 and interestingly enough some of the latest data out backs that up.  And this report does also note that the other metrics we all follow are still tracking positive but the issue is in the current time period.  I think the weather had a different effect this year vs. the past (more severe and compacted time frames) and that is a big player in the process.  There is nothing worrisome overall- the softness is minor even with the numbers listed and there’s still a very positive foundation and backlog out there.  Still some who thought they were losing their minds because business was a bit off now at least have something to point to.

--  I was really excited to see the Houston Area Glass Association announcements on their scholarship program for a few reasons.  One I love these active local associations like HAGA, The Texas Glass Association, Colorado Contract Glaziers Association, Washington Glass Association and many others… they work hard for their local glass and glazing community and they deserve your support!  I also loved seeing that my old friend David Ozment from Binswanger Glass mentioned with his son winning one of the awards.  Obviously the good guy genes run deep in that family!

--  As I have written here before I love the “Flip or Flop” shows but I continue to be driven crazy on the estimates on the repairs.  Just watched an episode on the Vegas edition where they re-did a bathroom completely- and put in a massive, oversized heavy shower enclosure.  They also put in new sinks, hardware, tiles everywhere- and the estimate was laughably low.  I must be missing something… anyone with insight please let me know- and I’ll even keep it private if need be.  Plus my wife will love you because she’ll enjoy the show more without me yelling at the TV every time the ultra low estimate comes on the screen…

--  Speaking of those shows- I am starting to see more advertisements from glass related players- the latest being a very cool commercial from Pella.  I know they don’t play in the commercial realm but slickly produced ads are always nice to show our industry off.

--  Last this week… and lets end with absolutely wonderful news about George Sultage of Vitro.  I had noted on here several months ago that George was in a heck of a battle and I am thrilled to report he is doing great AND now back to work (from home to start)  This is awesome and I look forward to seeing George at GlassBuild hopefully or somewhere else down the line!  


Interesting story on the battle for  - worth watching on what happens.

Its prom season so lots of looks to comment on… this one is interesting- not traditional but I’m not freaked out by it


A guy like Bill Maher can be polarizing but I have to say he’s been pretty interesting lately on the common sense takes… this is one hits that tone for me.

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