Sunday, April 08, 2018

Design Trends

I am always studying trends and directions that our world will go into and when I come across lists that interest me I love to share them here.  This week I ran into a great piece on the TMD Studio blog that broke down where the future of design and architecture and of course I had some comments on the list of trends that included…

Collaboration- There is no doubt that this area is growing and the article did not mention integrated project delivery which is absolutely a growing movement.
VR & Immersive Architecture- VR and AR are both items that benefit design teams- as that technology grows, so will the usage.  Residential glass shops are already seeing value but costs are still very high to use.
BIM- Is this the future?  Isn’t here and hasn’t been here for a while?  The article does do a good job of explaining the situation here.
Parametric Architecture- This is intense and deep- too much for my little brain
Robots and 3D printers- To me this is best bet for massive usage in the future.  I believe we will see more robotics in our world in many different areas.
Internet of Spaces- I have heard of Internet of Things- but I can’t say I remember this concept and when I read more I just don’t see it… yet.
Vertical Cities- Isn’t New York a pro at this at this point?
Sustainability- It is listed as a trend, but I think its beyond a “trend” and more an accepted practice for most. 

If you are an architectural geek the whole article is very interesting, though in some areas it’s deeper than I like to go…. Still it is worth the discussion of where we are now and where we are going…


--  Speaking of items that fall under “trends’- there’s been a push for Timber as a curtain wall framing product.  It’s evidently popular in Europe.  However a job in Oregon that was going with wood all over the project instead of conventional products had a rough go recently with a floor collapse and halting of work.  This could surely slow momentum.

--  Last week I hit on the awesome map that Glass Magazine included in its latest issue- and it reminded me on the site  Tremendous site and if you are member of the NGA it is free with your membership…. 

--  Hearing rumblings of a couple of mid size glass company acquisitions in the industry- one on the eastern side of the country and one on the west.  I think we will see a few more of these sort of deals over the next 2 years with the way the industry landscape is lining up.  I don't see the major monster deals happening though.  See I just did it- watch, some massive deal will be announced tomorrow.  Ha Ha.  In any case with the economy showing some extra volatility it could move people off the fence and into “sell” mode.

--  Last this week- the musical artist Zedd did all of the design for his gigantic home and he used tons of glass throughout.  As an industry we really do make, fabricate, and install an awesome product. Take a look at what he did and obviously not only does he have musical skills but also he is not a bad designer either!


This is crazy.  Every day it seems like a public health story is in the news…

I actually had not heard about this story with Amazon locking people out.  Wow.

Any time a real life happening mimics  a storyline from Seinfeld, I am all in.


Ellen DeGeneres is always a fun one… and she looked back at some of her best pranks of the past…

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