Saturday, March 31, 2018

So Much Information and Insight

Every month I review the latest Glass Magazine and I am always excited that I can learn something new.  As always, the knowledge growth was there  but the amount of insight in this latest edition is stunning.  The March issue is the annual “Top Fabricators” one and it’s loaded from start to finish.  The first major takeaway is that it comes with a pull out map of the 2018 top fabricators.  It is old school and awesome and I am sure now hanging in the glass shops and glazing operations throughout North America.  Next is the rundown and detail of the top fabricators.  I always enjoy the project profiles that come with it.  I mentioned last week the fabulous Vitrum Glass Group job and that was joined by several other amazing pieces of fabrication.  Add in the details of some of the poll questions and you get excellent visibility into the world of the fabricator. In addition this issue had outstanding pieces on buying a tempering furnace from a finance point of view, an incredible interview with Jeff Razwick of TGP on his deal with Allegion, and a nice piece on glass in health care.  And selfishly I was pretty excited to be included in an superb piece by Olivia Parker on best booth practices for trade shows.  Overall a tremendous issue, please make sure you check it out!


--  Ad of the month was a tough one yet again- lots of companies really raising their game with creative pieces but the winner was Consolidated Glass Holdings and their “line card” ad that was included in the issue in a special way- it was on thicker stock that was attached to another page.  So that immediately caught my eye- and then the info on there was very in-depth. Nice work and congrats to Angela Beach at CGH to make that all happen!

--  While I am talking about good detail and insight, I need give credit to Rob Struble and the team at Vitro on their e-mail blasts.  Their “Vitro Glass Insider” consistently delivers quick and helpful education.  I know we all get tons of e-mails, and its tough to stand out, but they do with this approach.

--  So it looks like the AIA show is following the lead of Greenbuild by pushing celebrity approaches and concert sort of settings with the news that DJ and musician Questlove will be featured at their opening party.  If you watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Questlove is his musical leader and is pretty well known in the musical space.  Whether this helps the always-frustrating issue of a lack of architects on the floor and in your booth remains to be seen…

--  For my friends in eastern Canada are you attending Top Glass later this month?  Looks like a solid day of education and information.  Speaking wise, two guys that I am a big fan of will be on stage.  Cody Thomas of Glass Renu will be there talking on glass restoration and Chris Fronsoe of ICD Coatings will be breaking down the spandrel world.  So those sessions and others will make it a good one overall…

--  Last this week… it is now baseball season and while I don’t follow the day to day happenings as close as I used to, I still enjoy the sport and it always signals the beginning of an awesome sporting stretch.  Baseball opening, NHL and NBA playoffs, NFL Draft, College Spring Football, The Masters, and the Indy 500- lots of great distractions from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Oh and just for the heck of it, for baseball I’m going Yankees to win it all.  That lineup is pretty awesome.


A story you don’t see every day- guy performs on Hollywood show and then walks away from all of the parts of it.

This was a wild MMA fight- accidental knockout, flips, and reversed decisions.

Orange snow in Europe.  Would scare me too.  The video of the slow moving avalanche is wild too.


Since I mentioned Questlove and Jimmy Fallon it only makes sense to show them in action… here joined by Will Smith and doing some great old TV theme songs… Fun!!

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