Sunday, April 15, 2018

Positive Momentum

The latest Dodge Momentum Index was recently released and March posted a strong result- especially on the commercial side.  That is welcome news since commercial had been lagging some.  I had previously mentioned some softness in the markets and hopefully between the optimistic metrics and maybe the weather breaking in the midwest and northeast we’ll be rolling strong for the rest of the year.  (As I write this we are under a winter storm warning and my friends in Minnesota have a FOOT of snow on the ground.  In mid April.  Ugh.) Anyway the next Architectural Billings Index is out on April 18th, so we’ll see what sort of detail we can glean from that one and continue to always monitor everything.


--  So I hinted to it last week that a deal was in the works in our industry and it happened with Coral Industries being sold to Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope.  I have always been a fan of Lewis McAllister and I am happy for him and his family.  Its great that the management team there will continue forward. Heck of year there in Alabama- the Tide wins the title and now this. 

--  I was thrilled to see my friend Danik Dancause get a promotion at Walker Glass.  Danik is one of the best guys around and extremely talented.  I have noted many times that his clothing tastes are easily one of the best in the industry.  Now with this promotion does Danik raise the bar style wise? Can’t wait to see what he breaks out at GlassBuild.

--  This was an interesting article on construction corruption in New York City.  Those who have done work in the city know it offers a ton of challenges on a lot of levels, but how deep the rest of those issues go were pretty well spelled out in this piece.  I have to think that the overbilling happens everywhere but New York just has so much more noise surrounding every major project that it surely attracts more of the negative element.

--  Sat in on an interesting webinar on building projects and the stress that comes from it.  The intriguing part for me was learning the pain points and then seeing what some of the ideas were to address them.  One of the main issues was late or incomplete design.  I know many glaziers deal with problems along these lines all the time and they are counted on to come through for all involved.  Anyway the keys for dealing with the problems hit a key theme that I have harped on… communication.  Basically when it came to the messaging the more focused and clear with regards to expectations, schedules and approaches the better.   Obvious but probably not done like needed.

--  Last this week…  I was researching an upcoming trade show and I was blown away at how many companies did not have a website.  It just amazed me that someone could be in business in 2018 (and be doing a decent sized trade show) and not have at least something up online.  I haven’t touched mine in years-but I still have something up there. Maybe I am just hypersensitive because I am a communication strategy guy... 


--  Robbing a pharmacy but getting quite the surprise in the drugs they stole!

--  We are huge Disney fans but this house for sale in Florida is over the top

--  The world is changing on jeans and denim. 


The perils of live TV….

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