Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ready for GlassBuild 2017

So GlassBuild America is finally here though it’s under very unique and special circumstances thanks to Hurricane Irma.  Because the forecasted path of the storm included Atlanta (for a few days, but as of the 5PM update on 9/10 it does not) it’s made the run up to the show much different than normal.  Instead of people studying the exhibitor lists, making meeting plans, and cleaning up their work at home before departing, they are monitoring the weather channel or weather related websites trying to determine what exactly is expected for the area weather wise.  So obviously with the damage that this hurricane has already done and the fresh images in our minds from Harvey in Texas and initially from Irma, there have been some folks who have decided to stay back.

For me I’ve probably not handled people cancelling out well.  It’s mostly because I love this show (full disclosure I do work for the show) and I know how hard everyone works all year long to get ready.  And just as important I know first hand the incredible commitment the exhibitors make to do this event.  So I obviously want the best experience possible for all involved.  Trust me I am not frustrated with the people deciding not to come; I respect those decisions to stay back but my angst is all about the overall situation. (Weather + Timing = Awful)  In the end I need to keep perspective, this storm is doing massive life changing damage and that is surely more meaningful of my energy, thoughts, prayers, and support.  The show will go on this week and it will be back in Vegas in 2018 ready again, as always, to be that crucial part to our industry.

If you are not able to attend or had to cancel, please follow along on social media.  You can follow GlassBuild on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Also Glass Magazine and Window and Door Magazine will have continuous coverage on social media.  In addition there will be many other media outlets will be at the show and providing coverage as well.  So you can still stay connected.  Plus I may do a periscope or tweetstorm myself.

Here’s a quick list to connect:

If you are coming to the show… please download the App.  If you have downloaded in the past, you need to delete those versions and download the new one.  Click this LINK for more info.

Some pre show thoughts from the trade show floor…. I am really impressed by the overall size.  It is the biggest and most impressive trade show floor I have seen in many many years.  In some past years I could zip from end to end pretty quickly, that will not be the case this year.  I was also impressed by some of the exhibits as they were coming together.  Once again the creativity going into this has been strong.  The annual Best in Show competition will be tough on the judges! 

I also loved seeing so many of the loyal companies who come here year after year in support of the industry.  I know I will miss some (and I am sorry) but people like Fenetech, CR Laurence, Guardian, Bohle, MyGlassTruck, HHH, Vitro (PPG), Forel, GGI and IGE are here.  Then there’s a ton of companies that I have always either read about or saw at other events that are showing this time.  And last we have folks that are back here after a few years away.  So it really makes it a very interesting and diverse floor.

Anyway I am here and ready- the weather for the first day may be windy and rainy but after that it looks positive and I am excited to see what happens.  Next week I will I have my complete recap including my favorites and people who I ran into and sadly may have missed.


This is a wild way to get locked in your own place!

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The show… looking back at 2016 with some sights and sounds…

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