Sunday, September 03, 2017

Harvey and Irma

My thoughts are still with everyone affected and disrupted by Hurricane Harvey.  I’m still in awe over the amount of rain and damage it did in such a short time.  Now we have Irma churning out at sea and may come our way next.  After a few quieter years, it looks like hurricane seasons are back.  So for those who are in recovery mode and those who may be in the path of the next storm or storms- hang in there.  And if you have not donated to any of the Houston campaigns out there, please consider it. The recovery for many is going to take a very long time and they’ll need all the help they can get.


--  I’m a month behind in my Glass Magazine reviews… so this is a look at the August issue that features the sharp black and white photos on cover.  Obviously the main push is a fantastic and thorough preview of GlassBuild America.  That area is a must review for all participants.  There were also excellent pieces in there from David Vermeulen of TGP and Matt Johnson of the Gary Law Firm.  Plus the piece on prismatic glass was intriguing to me.  Check it all out- once again worth your time.

--  The ad of the month was a tough one because this issue was loaded.  But the winner was Pulp Studio and the “Perception vs. Reality” piece.   It was a smart use of art, text and theme.  Props to Bernard Lax and team on that one.

--  Another note on GlassBuild… the last day- aside from that amazing opportunity to see me speak on social media, it will also feature the end of show reception/party.   That event will be a good way to blow off some steam and also win some great prizes.  Overall I am expecting 3 fabulous days at the show and can’t wait to see everyone there!

--  The glass industry had a quick hit on a great documentary recently.  In the ESPN 30 for 30 “What Carter Lost” there was a brief archived clip of the signage of Oak Cliff Glass & Mirror from 1988.  Not sure if that sign or location still exists but cool to see since Oak Cliff Glass & Mirror is one of the better known brands in the glazing community in Texas.  I’m such a glass geek that a sign from a company fires me up.

--  Recently I wrote about some marketing maneuvers in our industry I was not a fan of… another one now is out and that is using the entire square footage of the actual building space to promote where the glass was installed not the actual openings.  They don’t mention the actual usage of glass square footage so it’s a way to float a big number out there that truly isn’t associated with the actual material supplied & installed.  So basically if I supplied a door lite to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, I could write a PR that notes my glass went into this amazing 3 million square foot project. (Even though the actual glass was only one opening- probably 16 sq ft) Hopefully people are smart enough to read through these sort of games, but you never know.

--  Last this week the battle for gaining quality workers continues and I saw a new approach that caught my eye.  A window company here in Michigan is giving away $500 Amazon gift cards just for interviewing! I have to assume there’s some sort of catch but I gotta think they’ll surely get some people in the door.  No doubt its tough to find people so desperate times call for some desperate measures.


On a bike.  On a highway.  Yeah that’s not right.

Ouch- this is some rough revenge that lacks some personal responsibility

No getting around telling the truth on a college app.  Because if you lie- they will catch you.


One item to come out of the coverage of Hurricane Harvey is you never know whom you may see while covering it.  Reporter Jeff Flock ran into his daughter who was working the storm for another station and he hadn’t seen.  This was cool.

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