Sunday, September 24, 2017

Next Step on the Big News

There was big news that came out of GlassBuild but all that was going on in the world may have overshadowed it.  The announcement that the GANA-NGA discussions have moved to the next level with each organizations boards unanimously approving a move to combine the two organizations is of gigantic importance.  Plain and simple folks this is huge and crucial for our industry.  To put it into sports terms, the hot trend in the NBA is the building of “super teams” and the combo of GANA and NGA is exactly that for the glass industry.  The best attributes of both combined to offer one defined and strong voice for our industry.  This move also will give a clean slate to those of you not involved- this is your chance to start fresh, get involved, have your voice heard.   Over the next few months you will be hearing a ton more on this and if you are a member of GANA you will be asked to vote on it.  That vote is unlike any other you’ve been ask to cast, so please keep an eye out for it.  I am one of the few people out there who has extensive experience with BOTH organizations.  I can tell you that the strengths of each match up perfectly and the combination will be extremely beneficial from the sides of technical, advocacy, education, information and events.  I am absolutely also open to discussing this with anyone who has any questions, so feel free to contact me.  This is a great step for our world and I salute the boards of both groups for continuing this process.


--  Last week I mentioned the end of show/event season but I missed a couple of note.  If you are in Florida the October 4th Glass+Metal Symposium is absolutely worthwhile.  I am excited to be attending that for the first time ever.  Then in November is Greenbuild.  I am on record of not being a fan with regards to the expo and I’ll keep to that.  Also in November the Glass+Interiors Symposium and with the interior space so hot, this one will be interesting for sure.  Overall my focus though is on BEC next March.  With the way time is flying, that will be here in a snap.

--  I’ve been excited to see more folks in our industry jump on various forms of social media, the latest being deGorter with a very enjoyable instagram feed.  Pete deGorter is doing a nice job with that sharing some fabulous images that really reach the inner glass geek in me. 

--  The latest Architectural Billings Index is out and once again it’s in the plus territory.  There is no doubt this index has been on a heck of a roll and specifically the non-residential side is really encouraging.   I will admit I am trying to contain my giddiness.  I had a good friend and co-worker mention to me in the past that these indexes can sometimes not mimic real life.  But so far all indications are positive, so I am staying on my happy course here.

--  Very interesting news on the San Francisco football stadium and the possibility of them looking to add some sort of shading because the one side of the field bakes in the hot California sun.  I’m continually blown away about outdoor stadiums failing the orientation test and knowing where the sun will be hitting during various events and times.  Its incredible what 1 billion dollars doesn’t cover these days.

--  Last… check out my video of the week… I mentioned on my previous post about Guardian Glass and their video roll out at GlassBuild.  It’s really an impressive and fun piece featuring what I consider the best production value (aside from being a glass geek I am an ex TV producer who still misses that business) I have ever seen from our industry.  Again kudos to all involved.


I am a bird friendly guy but I am also a solar guy- so this story is tough to deal with.

I think this was a setup- no way it was organic.  6 women all pick the same exact dress to wear at a wedding?  No way.

This could be very good for the future of our society!


The link to a super Guardian Glass video is above….
For this area… a plane crash and the pilot walks away.  Looks like the tree was key in saving his life.

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