Sunday, August 21, 2016

We Are All About Advancements

Innovation and technology.  Those are words we throw around quite a bit in our world.  In some parts there’s actual meaning and weight behind them, but in others, it’s empty terming, something that people use to just make themselves look good.  On the whole though I think the main majority of the glass and glazing industry truly “walks the walk” when it comes to these terms and making advancements in what they do and how they do it.  Now our main base products- float glass and aluminum- may be as basic as they come but it’s what we all do to them that make it special.  And each time I am out and about and see what people are doing or when I am sent new info, it really makes me excited to see how things are progressing.   I do believe we have some great things going.  On that note I’ll be at the GANA Fall Conference this coming week, so I am looking forward to see what else I can learn and I’ll share here next post.


--  Part of my thought process above came thanks to the latest issue of Glass Magazine, which was focused on “Next Generation Manufacturing for Next Generation Products” – it was a great read that featured several pieces that gave neat insight into product and plant advancements and technologies.  The deep dive into the new plant at Sage was especially riveting to me.  Worth the read and nice touch by adding a section for some of the key people involved in building that plant.  Good for those hard working folks to get some pub!

--  Also in this issue another fantastic look at succession planning with a few pieces and a pretty interesting case study.  Great content overall- check it out!

--  And my for my “ad of the month” I am going with Harbison Walker International.  I never heard of them, did not know what they did or do, but their ad stopped me in my tracks, made me read and want to see more.  Well done to whomever was the brains behind that one!

--  Some sad news this week with the passing of Joe Landsverk of Wood’s Powr-Grip.  Really good man and he was very encouraging to me both when I started my business and whenever I would run into him at GlassBuild America.  My condolences to his family.

--  A while back we covered the whole “transparent wood” is better than glass story and it seemingly popped up again this week with some coverage online.  I do not view it as a major threat to our way of life, but should be a warning that the rest of the world is always working on what’s next.  (See more innovation and technology is needed!) Here’s the story andincludes video too. 

--  Last this week…  the new iPhone is due to come out in the next few weeks and rumor is there will be no are for a headphone jack.  So wireless, Bluetooth or headphones that connect to the charge port will be it.  This is a monumental change.  Usually Apple changes the way people do things, but this will be one to watch to see how it works.  For me I do not like Bluetooth headsets- just can’t hear as well and hate having to remember to charge yet another device. 


For my fellow Road Warriors- a piece on airports and travel and great perspective on what a “bad trip” really is. Plus funny comments too.

So McDonalds passed out “activity trackers” in their Happy Meals… only to yank them when they caused skin problems. 

Awesome story. Losing 300 pounds in an interesting way


Frightening moment for a lady who gets runover by her own car.  Could’ve been a lot worse…

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