Sunday, August 14, 2016

Got to Go to the Show

If you missed the excellent blog by Ron Crowl of Fenetech last week on tradeshows, I strongly suggest you check it out.   I thought in the very quick and creative way he did it, he got the message across on the importance of trade shows.   It’s something that I have been harping on for a while and will continue to do so.  If you are not attending these events- with the next big one in the US being GlassBuild America- you are really doing yourself a disservice personally and professionally. 
One key part of GlassBuild that you do no want to miss is the Glazing Executive Forum.   I was thrilled to see that SAPA jumped on board this past week as a sponsor.  They had done so in the past, so to see them back was exciting as I truly appreciate and respect they way they support the industry with events like this and their internal educational pieces as well.  Props obviously also must go to the others that are sponsoring YKK (loyal sponsor of this for several years) Tremco, Ergo Robotics, Roto Frank, and Novagard Solutions.  As an industry guy- thank you for doing your part for our world.


--  I know I have been going overboard on the econ numbers lately, but here’s a great story to share on some of the metrics not watched as closely as well as some specific looks at markets and trends.  Worth the read.

--  This may be an old piece but thanks to old friend Scott Goodman of AGC for sending along.  The suspended pool in London.  Does anyone know- has this been built yet?

--  Congrats to Richard Wilson of AGNORA for being a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year contest going on in Ontario.  AGNORA surely has done some innovative things that are being recognized.  Plus I love when our industry has people noticed in overall award categories and not just industry centric.  Makes us all look good.  Best of luck Richard!

--  And while we’re on the path of congrats… a hearty one to the McClatchey family of SAF.  They just celebrated their 70th year in business.  Every interaction I have ever had with this company is always was positive plus they are another company that seemingly is always exhibiting and supporting every show.  Congrats gang!

--  I have to talk Olympics and just how enjoyable the first week was.  Some incredible performances and stories.  Katie Ledecky is off the charts.  Anthony Ervin, winning a gold 16 YEARS after doing it the first time and at the "ancient" age of 35 was awesome.  Maya DiRado wowed me.  And the two Simone’s.  Manuel and Biles were historical difference makers.  Last but not least Michael Phelps. Wow. And no way do I think he’s actually retiring after this Olympiad either.  The 2nd week of these games will surely have a long way to go to catch the excitement of the first!

--  Last this week…. The annual “Old Farmers Almanac” Forecast is now out for this winter.  Remember it has an 80% accuracy rate.  This blurb from Country Living Magazine sums it up:

Every region of the U.S. will be hit with a different type of terrible. The Northeast and Midwest can expect "colder than normal" temperatures and precipitation is supposed to be "above normal." If you're in the Pacific Northwest, you can expect a lot of rain and chilly weather. And in the Intermountain and Appalachian regions, where ski enthusiasts would actually like cold temperatures and lots of snow, it's set to largely be warmer and less snowy than usual.

The story did note the South would have a very mild winter.  So good for all of you who live there.  As for the rest of us, here’s rooting for this forecast to be wrong!


Easily the most bizarre story of the week.  Grandma and 13 year old grandson- drunk driving.

I never watched “Breaking Bad” but I am guessing this could’ve been a plot line?

Cool moment here as the Baltimore Ravens stop their game to watch Michael Phelps swim.


Olympic news bloopers anyone?

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