Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Big 5-0-0....

It’s a milestone post for me this week and before I get to that, it’s funny that a subject I have written a ton about over the years hit the news again this past week.  Once again we talk about the adventures of LEED.
It’s been known for a while that Ohio was looking to ban the LEED green building rating system. There’s a lot of politics behind the issue, some of it in the right and some not. This past week the Ohio State Senate passed a resolution asserting that LEED should not be used on state buildings.   The big item with this is that there’s been a mobilization of groups to strike back against the way LEED is structured and how it can be biased against certain industries.  I hate the overall thought of banning, but if it can force some change somewhere down the line, I am all for it.  I for one have hated the way that LEED as looked at items like powder coat and recycled content in glass.  The logic just never connected to me.  I also hate the true lack of choice of green building rating systems; the others out there have been unable to gain any legitimacy in the marketplace because LEED is so powerful.  In the end I will be stunned if the state follows all the way through, but if they do, it could truly open some of the landscape for better systems.


--  At the IGMA meetings this week, Julie Schimmelpenningh gave an updated presentation on safety glass that continues to strike a chord.  We have the technology and innovation to do more with protective glazing, it’s time we really push that envelope to its furthest point.  There’s factions in our industry that make too many excuses for why we can’t do things, and it just hurts us more than you realize. 

--  If you missed this presentation, I believe Julie is giving it or some resemblance to it at BEC next week during the technical committee meetings.  If you were in any way, shape or form interested in advancing our world, this would be a session to be at.
Again next Sunday BEC kicks off- so my blog for next week will have some of that flavor to it.  Looking forward to a really strong event.

--  Congrats to CRL on their latest news of opening up a super center in Denver.  No question that company continues to press all of the right buttons as it pertains to some of their hires over the last year, new product development and now expansions. 

--  Once again its time for the most significant honor in our industry to be bestowed- The Glass Magazine Awards are now accepting nominations. This is the time where you can throw some recognition towards the people, the projects, and the products that truly make our industry great.  The fact that I got to work with a few past winners, notably the great John McGee of Binswanger Glass is something I am really proud of. 

--  With this post I hit a pretty mind blowing landmark… this will be the 500th entry on the blog since it started in 2005.  I simply can’t believe it.  Looking back so much has changed since I started this adventure.  The industry is so different, some players have changed pretty dramatically since then, and my approach to this blog has evolved as well.  The one constant is that its still great therapy for me and it’s still an honor to communicate with the industry the way I do.  Thank you for continuing to read and comment both publicly and through e-mail.  I am sincerely grateful.


--  I will have to get this APP- it will allow you to read a novel in under 90 minutes!

--  This teen suing parents story is unreal.  Go parents go!!!  I am flabbergasted here.

--  Wow.  Going old school with the newspaper ad blast on infidelity. 


My first video of the week came way back in 2006 and it was a preview of an upcoming Rocky movie.  Funny that movie series which is my favorite also became my sons as well.  So for this week, at post 500, the video of the week is the preview of the new Rocky Balboa on Broadway show that’s close to coming out.  It will be my excuse to visit NYC for sure.


Rich said...

Congratulations on 500 blog milestone Max! Awesome! You should be proud, it's the most entertaining and informative page in the whole industry.

There's drama, humor, gossip and serious news. It's like TMZ for glass!

Diane B said...

Congrats on the 500! I think I've been reading since the beginning. Always informative & entertaining. Thanks for the hard work!