Sunday, March 02, 2014

A pretty major need

We have a severe labor shortage in our industry when it comes to glaziers.  I don’t think I am telling anyone anything new there.  It feels like every company, big and small are looking for folks to install.  But we also have a severe shortage in another part of our world.  Project Managers.  It is mind blowing to me how many companies are looking for PM’s right now.  In fact I would say the need for Project Managers might be surpassing that of the need for glaziers.  I believe this to be the case because companies are adapting to their field labor shortages with doing different maneuvers, whether its buying installation equipment (everything on the floor at GlassBuild America last year sold out) or pushing with more unitized systems or some other approach, people are making things work.  On the Project Management side, its not that easy and the solutions are not at the forefront at least.  Eventually this industry has to address these issues because it’s only getting worse…


--  Good news out of the Associated Builders and Contractors Construction Backlog Index this week… the backlog has hit a post recession high… and its also tracking almost 4% better than this time a year ago.  I also believe that the weather related slow start to 2014 (starts in January were dreadful) will eventually result in a mini boom thanks to delays and pent up demand.  Staying positive here…

--  Speaking of positive, a few weeks ago dynamic glass manufacturer View was featured in a Fox Business Channel report.  This was a really nice piece that put not only View, and the dynamic glass world in a great light but our industry as a whole as well.  Getting solid traditional media coverage is crucial to our messaging of innovation.  Congrats to the team at View on getting this one.

--  The celebrity keynote speaker at BEC next month is Ron Jaworski.  This week he made news when he said heralded quarterback Johnny Manziel would not get picked in the first three rounds of the NFL draft if HE, Jaworski was making the choice.  The reason this is news is most experts think Manziel may be one of the first few players picked OVERALL.  Jaworski is known for making newsmaking statements, so I am wondering if at BEC he will do the same… I could see him saying, “Low E Glass is the past… I’m going with something else…” or “No aluminum for me… only Vinyl for my curtain walls” and our world would go crazy…

--  How good of a business is a New York City cab?  This week there was an auction for 168 licenses to run a cab in NYC.  The low bid was 650K… the high was 965K… for ONE cab.  That just blows my mind.  Not being from New York or knowing the city that well I had no idea that a million dollar investment into a cab is a good one.  That is craziness….

--  Last this week… can someone tell Mother Nature we’ve had enough?  What a winter this has been.  And supposedly forecasts are calling for a cooler than normal spring and summer…  I joked on twitter that this winter is like what the folks in Minnesota experience every year, and my pal Garret Henson from Viracon noted it’s even a bad one for them too being 4th coldest on record there.  Now when its even stupid cold in Minnesota, you KNOW it’s a bad winter!!


--  Wild packs of Chihuahuas roaming in Arizona.  Yep.  Sounds as crazy as it looks.

Justin Bieber did not like the bet of whoever lost the Olympic Hockey game gets to keep him… why would he even care?

A spelling bee that ran out of words… C-R-A-Z-Y!


Thank you to my friend Shelly Farmer for this one… evidently the Jetsons floating cars do exist…in some way out there… wild stuff!!

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