Sunday, March 16, 2014

BEC Recap Part 1

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am a very big “support the industry” sort of guy.  I believe that the stronger our industry is a whole, the better it is for all.  I believe the industry support, especially in the past year or so have been great but it needs to be better.  We need more impact from all levels, big and small.  So if you are not coming to events like BEC or GlassBuild America, you are not only hurting yourself, but hurting the industry too.  So thank you to all who are involved and to those who are not, I’d love to engage in a conversation with you on why not- and get you on board.


--  This week, it’s the first of two parts from Las Vegas at the GANA BEC show.  The kick off to the event is the technical meeting and in a change from the past, the meeting brought in a few speakers to mix up the normal “committee” style agenda.  I think that change worked because attendance at the session was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.  All three speakers were excellent and the presentation from Jim Benney of NFRC had potential to explode into a major debate, which I found refreshing since I honestly thought most people had given up questioning why things are the way they are there.  Needless to say, in my opinion there are still some serious issues on the way NFRC does things in regards to our world…. Kudos to Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP for making the session really special.

--  Seen at the conference… part 1… the Sunday night reception is always pretty strong and this year was probably the best it’s been in a while.  Attitudes were VERY positive about the current market.  As for the folks I got to run into… great to see Joe Erb from Quanex, no one more welcoming than him. Saw for the first time in many years Greg DiVona of Prelco.  That was cool to catch up.  Chatted with Steve Cohen of Schott and hung for a few minutes with the Argentinian heart throb Hernan Gil of Global Security Glazing.  Plus I did see for one split second one of my favorites, Cameron Scripture from Viracon.  He’s so popular now I think I have to make an appointment for the next reception.  Last but certainly not least was great to see the awesome pairing of Jan Rogan and Joanne Funyak of PPG.  They as always are awesome. 

--  Next week, I’ll recap the rest of the event including the two panel sessions that I am honored to be moderating.  To be on stage with the folks on these panels is mind blowing to me.  These are really sharp, talented folks who are all huge assets to their companies and the industry. 

--  I just finished the 2nd best “inside story” business book ever.  That book would be “Hatching Twitter” by Nick Bilton.  This was a fantastic read and one that gives great insights into how a start up works, how board’s can be seriously dysfunctional and how some ideas just connect when others don’t.  The inside stories told, were amazing and how this author got to the stories on everything has to be a massive coup.  In any case, want a great business non-fiction read?  This is it.  The best of all time remains “The Disney War” by James Stewart.  That book will be almost impossible to top… this one though came close.

--  Last this week… March Madness is here.  Once upon a time I would not miss a second of the action.  But as I’ve grown older and busier, it does not hold the same effect for me.  I won’t even fill out a bracket this year, which is pretty unbelievable to those who know me.  In reality I am getting more and more like that with all sports.  Between the priorities of real life pretty taking precedence and being soured on the expense/salary/cost model of major sports, it’s just not important to me like it used to be. 


--  Scam Alert!

--  Pretty crazy read on a how Twix bar got a guy fired.

--  Would you pay $89 and wait months for a hoodie?  Not me…

No Video of the Week this week... internet here is pretty rough....  

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