Sunday, August 11, 2013

A lot more action to come

After a pretty mellow summer news wise, the last few weeks have really kicked in with a lot of movement, good and bad, within our industry. I knew it was just a matter of time before a lot of these maneuvers would hit and I do not believe we’re done in this cycle just yet.  I see a few more pieces in play as I think the climate is ripe for more acquisitions. Think about it, for many players 2013 has been good and the appetite for more is growing.  These players are not worried about survival they either want growth or they want to add positive pieces to mask negative ones they may already own.  Match that with the desire of some business owners to exit at a higher point than where they were 2 years ago, and I think the ingredients are in place.  Mix in the industry all getting together at GlassBuild America next month and you have your recipe for a lot more action on the horizon.  Stay tuned.


--  I was extremely saddened over the passing of Jim Dwyer of Syracuse Glass.  Jim was a kind, classy, professional man who did things the right way.  We as an industry surely lost a tremendous person and his family lost a great leader.  His lessons obviously were not lost on son John, who remains one of the best guys in our industry today.  My thoughts and condolences go out to the Dwyer family and everyone associated with Syracuse Glass during this very sad time. 

--  A reminder, the next Glass Management Institute session, Macro Economic Inputs to Strategic Planning by Mark Silverberg is coming up August 20th.  I believe this will be a tremendous course, especially given the landscape of our industry and world.  Who wouldn’t benefit from a business forecasting session like this?  Go here to register now.  

--  Funny mid-blog link- a skyscraper going up in Spain… and the architects forgot the elevator… oops!

--  Last week I bashed LEED and received a comment on line at the Glassblog site from the esteemed Mic Patterson of Enclos.  Mic is one of those guys I truly admire; he is always out and about and on top of the issues and is always persuasive with his arguments.  The comment he left would fit that role.  I love to bash LEED or really anything that gets me frustrated because that is what I do, I stir the pot and have been doing it since 2005.  (Though as many know I am more mellow now than I was back then!) Mic’s approach though is the right one, measured and intelligent as always.  Whether or not we can ever see that day where our energies are rightfully placed is another story, but we can always hope.  Anyway, I thank you Mic for the comment and for reading the blog.  Very much appreciated. 

--  Last this week, another interview with a connection to GlassBuild.  One of the most popular seminars at any event I am involved in is the legal one.  So many different twists and turns are out there and understanding the law and your rights is crucial.  At GlassBuild, Rick Kalson, of Babst & Calland out of Pittsburgh will be speaking.  Rick for years spoke at various industry events and I am thrilled he was able to bring GlassBuild into his schedule.  He knows our world, whether you are a 2-man glass shop or a gigantic corporation, Rick gets it. 

Your seminar at GlassBuild America looks to cover a lot of very important subjects; can you give us a sneak preview of what the attendees will be hearing and learning about?

My presentation focuses on construction contracts which have become far more complex and onerous in recent years.  The ability to make a profit on a project is often squandered before work even starts due to unfavorable contract clauses.  This construction law seminar will pragmatically present best practices for having favorable terms and conditions included in the contract documents while identifying key clauses regarding payment, indemnification and claims, to avoid or negotiate.  Finally, an invaluable contract review checklist will be provided as part of the presentation for your future use, which should be reason alone to attend this seminar.

You have spoken in front of the glass and glazing industry many times in your respected career.  What makes this industry interesting for you?

I have very much enjoyed teaching and working with the glass industry over the last decade largely due to the mutual respect between industry competitors.  I am constantly impressed by the high level of questions that I receive during and after each construction law seminar that I have presented to members of the glass industry and I look forward to the same at GlassBuild America

--  Thank you Rick- and folks if you have not signed up for GlassBuild America, get online now to do so.


--  Count me 100% supporting this- a national holiday for First Responders.

--  Digital Detox.  Nope, not me.  Though I do enjoy taking a few minutes away…

--  Cool story on 96 year old holding her ground.  She’s also from Wisconsin and you just don’t mess with people from Wisconsin!!


NBC is taking over the broadcasts of soccer’s Premier League and they did this very comical video of an American football coach taking over a soccer team… classic stuff.  Really funny.

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