Sunday, April 07, 2013

Springing in to Show Season

Spring is now starting to hit and trade show season is about to get moving into gear.  2013 is lining up to be an extremely memorable year for shows and it’s something that everyone in our industry should take as a VERY positive sign.  Just look we’ve had good efforts already with BEC and at the Glass Expo in the Northeast.  Next up is the Mid Atlantic Glass show that is looking to be a very strong event.  Following that is AIA in Denver, and then the biggie, GlassBuild America in September.  The reason all of this is positive is the more attendance and interactivity at these events, with the more business being done, and connections being made including product lines being diversified.  It also shows confidence in the industry and economy.  Another set of good signs include companies that have not exhibited in a while coming back and getting spaces along with other organizations stepping up and taking on major sponsorships.  So here’s the bottom line… while we can look at various indexes to see how the market is doing, it’s really the busy and successful shows, with companies of all sizes, shapes, and segments being involved is the real measure of the positive tidings in place and to come.


--  Speaking of good shows, evidently Glassplex India did very well and I have been hearing a ton about the growth and potential in that part of the world.  Plus this blog is very popular in India as well, so maybe I’ll go to that event when it comes back in 2015.

--  One of the best people in our industry is Bill Evans of Evans Glass.  Recently he proved it once again when he and his company coordinated with the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes charity in the building of handicapped accessible ramping for a disabled veteran in Tennessee.  Bill and his company could’ve passed or just done the bare minimum but they of course did not and they went above and beyond and got their mission accomplished in just 4 days compared to the several months it would’ve taken the VA.  It is heartwarming to know we have people in our industry who step up for a family in need and man who bravely fought for his country and came home severely wounded.

--  Movie to see… “Oz The Great and Powerful” was excellent.  Great, unique take off of the old Wizard of Oz story and James Franco was fantastic in the lead role.  Plus Mila Kunis may be the best looking wicked witch ever.

--  Crazy cool fact on line this week about prices of GigaBytes (GB) – Take a look at this, simply wild at how quickly the technology changed pricewise. I just chuckle looking at my flash drives....
Price of 1 gigabyte of storage over time:
1981 $300,000
1987 $50,000
1990 $10,000
1994 $1,000
1997 $100
2000 $10
2004 $1
2012 $0.10

--  OK last this week, baseball has begun and since I am on a serious roll picking, I need to make my choices… so here goes… your playoff teams in the American League will be Blue Jays, White Sox, and Angels, with the Tigers as the wild card.  I’ll go with the Angels to win the AL.  In the NL, my choices are the Nationals, Reds, Giants, and Cardinals with the Nats winning it and the Nats winning it all in the end.  Right now between the Ravens winning, the Red Hot Caps in hockey and the Nat’s this fall, it must be nice to be a fan in the DC/Baltimore area.


--  Oh dear an airline charging by the bodyweight.  If that happens in the US I will have to seriously diet.  Actually I need to seriously diet anyway….

--  Not even sure what to make of this April FoolsDay joke gone sideways.

--  I really enjoy reading oral histories and this one on Jurassic Park is pretty darn good.


The great movie critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert passed away this week.  Here’s a classic outtake from his show with Gene Siskel that helped propel him to celebrity.

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