Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces

This past week was pretty quiet in terms of major news so for this post I decided to make it more of a quick hitter piece with notes and follow-ups.  So without further delay, here goes:

--  Last week I noted the great gesture from Bill Evans and his company.  Bill dropped me a line with more detail and kudos for the guys that physically got it done.  So thank you to Joel Poole, Terry Gilley, Fred Rowe, Jay Devers, and Versie Shannon.  It truly was a great thing you did for a family in need!

--  Sad news as yet another long time industry guy, Lester Peacock passed away.  I met Lester in Houston last year at his last professional home Binswanger Glass and he shared with me stories of working with many members of my family in the years past.  Lester was a tremendous man, respected by all,  who knew more about the ins and outs of the industry and its products, than I ever will.  He surely will be missed.

--  Did you get your Glass Magazine Award nominations in yet?  I know many people who were working on this last week, and for good reason, it IS the most prestigious award program in our industry, especially the ones that will be voted on by the public.  So if you haven’t done it- hurry up and do it.  Deadline is April 16th

--  Guardian SunGuard launched a revamped website and I must say it looks tremendous.  I really like the cleaner look and the fact on the front page you have access to everything.  I’m also a fan of the use of “icons” and Guardian really handled that nicely.  Well-done folks!

--  Also on that note… There have been some serious web improvements going on in our world, the last three I have noted Guardian, Viracon, and General Glass (GGI) have really raised the bar out there.

--  Last fall the excellent Dr. Helen Sanders of SAGE gave a speech on Eco Labeling at the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild.  I have to admit, I had no clue what it was and unfortunately did not get to the speech. However since then I had learned more and more, and then this past week I ran into this article that really explained the process nicely and even has a pretty cool experiment going with it.

--  I know it’s a week late, but that college basketball championship game was absolutely fantastic.  Easily one of the best games I have ever seen- with both teams playing at the highest level.  Shame anyone had to lose.  Congrats Louisville fans…

--  Last this week… if was 39 degrees and raining last week in Michigan and 92 and blistering in DC.  Ummmm can someone alert Mother Nature that its Spring…. Not Winter or Summer….


--  Want to know why newspapers are cutting back?  This piece helps put into perspective.

--  This is simply an infuriating situation and unacceptable.  Heads should roll at United Airlines for this.  Unreal.

--  Comical piece for those of you who liked “Weekend at Bernie’s”


If you don’t get chills when watching this video, then you are not human.  A little boy, with terminal cancer, getting his dream to come true running a touchdown for Nebraska.  Wow.  Class act folks and keep fighting little guy!

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