Sunday, April 21, 2013

A rough week indeed

Well last week surely was a tough one, and quite frankly it was hard to focus on work.  The emotions from the Marathon to the catastrophic explosion in Texas to the manhunt and capture at the end of the week really were draining.  People much more brilliant than me will continue to weigh in on what that week meant and will eventually mean to our world and society.  For me, I am just glad its over and hope sincerely for better times ahead.


--  No doubt that our world is an online one.  Last Friday as the manhunt was going on, I don’t think there were many people not connected to the internet, following by twitter or even listening online to the Boston Police scanners.  In fact I had a client who had to ask their employees to jump off the web because they were using bandwith at insane levels.  We are surely a “now” society when it comes to breaking news.

--  The Mid Atlantic Glass Expo was humungous success from all indicators and reports back to me.  There is no question that region supports that show like no other but again I also feel we are in prime “show time” as I think the timing is truly ripe for events that allow people to network, learn and grow. 

--  The incredible Julie Ruth wrote a must read piece in the last Glass Magazine on codes.  If you are in the business, you really need to read and grasp it.  I also know some folks in our industry have some thoughts on these code movements and I have reached out to them for comment on a future post.  If you have some angles on it, shoot me a note. 

--  The NFRC is still making their type of news on the Energy Star side… while they have softened their language of the need for people to sign up (and how they’ll bust them) they now are invoicing immediately.  That is before the program is really even going.  Gotta love it.  And the program itself is becoming pretty controversial.  I’m still in learning mode with it, but my mind is spinning on this one.

--  Last week on the blog I noted that Winter is still here and sure enough Mother Nature decided to confirm that by dropping a ton of snow on Colorado and Minnesota.  Seriously… enough is enough….

--  Last this week…  a happy birthday to one of the hardest working guys in this business, Scott Goodman of Flat Glass Distributors.  Knowing Scott he probably spent his birthday dropping off orders all over Central Florida!


Let’s keep this light this week eh? 

--  Cupcakes… and Gourmet Cupcakes… in trouble.

--  A baseball game is 65-0.. after 3 innings.  I just read this article and have to wonder… how does this happen?  Just a bit mind blowing.

--  Huge solar project in Las Vegas comes online!


Since we were all glued to the news, had to go ahead and breakout the best news bloopers from March.  Some good ones in here.

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