Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Must Follows

There are certain authors, actors, and musicians that I absolutely must follow and whenever they come out with new material, I am sure to get it.  Well lately in the blog world there’s a few people that fit that role as every time they post, it brings thought and reaction.  Here’s some that just deliver again and again.

First up, Jenni Chase on Glass Magazine’s site is on an absolute roll.  Last week’s post on the Low Cost Competitor had the industry buzzing.  The comments to her piece were insightful, interesting and for some controversial.  When a true class act like Bob Lawrence weighs in, like he did here, you HAVE to pay attention.  The give and take, in the mature manner that took place was refreshing.  More debate is sure to come on that issue, and that’s the beauty of Jenni’s takes.  Whether it’s this piece or being a glass “geek” she gets people talking.

I am also a fan of Jeff Razwick’s blog on the Technical Glass Products site.  This past week, Jeff took on the subject of school safety and laid out several arguments and insights.  In some cases Blogs are meant to just get you thinking and Jeff usually takes that task.  And basically every time he writes it leads to discussion.  Great stuff.  The post can be found here.

Others?  I miss the old Division 8 blog, that one had a ton of potential but went away and I am not sure why.   I do like when guys like Mark Silverberg of Technoform blog and I am huge fan of anytime that Jon Kimberlain of Dow Corning posts.  Plus the great takes of folks like Rod Van Buskirk, Bill Evans, and Chris Mammen are in that must read category.


--  Is it the fact that we are in such a relatively slow news cycle (in our industry) right now a good sign?  I think so, less turmoil is best… but it is tough to be a blogger who loves to comment on relevant news though.

--  I recently completed the first of four interviews I am doing for Glass Magazine and I am very excited about it.  Being able to shine the light on some serious talent in our industry is exciting.  First one for 2013 will be out soon!

--  One of the architectural sites I love to follow had a good thread on one of their message boards that asked, “What are some of the ‘coolest’ new products you have seen lately” and being a site for architects it had responses on some wild self-healing concrete along with other marbles and gypsum.  No glass or aluminum has been mentioned... yet.

--  Also on the same post one person wrote in that instead of products she found cool, she was more annoyed by people promoting “green” products with no documentation or basis. Amazing that still despite FTC fines and a focus on ”greenwashing” it continues. 

-- Last this week… can you believe it is March?  Get ready for baseball to kick in and March Madness to take place in College hoops.  Maybe spring weather will actually make an appearance too… would nice to be warmer, but I’ll take cold over a wet spring since rain is bad for jobsites.


--  Seemingly great news… new home construction in Atlanta going very well.

-- OK a wild story on how a Mom and Daughter scammed a Coke bottlecap contest.  Impressive.

--  Neat story on an NBA Player having his dad take his allowance after getting a fine from the NBA.


Oh a High School Playoff buzzer beater from Utah… from Half Court… wow… gotta play better D… what a great way to win and tough way to lose.

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