Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is It Real This Time?

This past week the latest Architectural Billings Index (ABI) came out and it showed the best performance of that indicator since 2007.  So is it time to party?  Can we take this seriously?  Sadly my answer is… no.  I just have a nagging feeling that this report was a fluke and next month we’ll be off the trend again.  Plus even if this is good, we’re seeing that the positive ABI from last year, that should have a direct effect on our industry right now, really did and has not. (Especially in specific geographies)  End of the day, I enjoy following these reports, I like commenting on them, but I guess I am reluctant to believe them.


--  Want to read a depressing story that will make you angry about government waste, corporate greed, lawyerly deception and overall ineptitude?  Check out this piece on the Home Affordable Modification Program and see how efforts like this can go very badly.

--  Last week I hammered the Cruise world after the Carnival debacle and I heard about it from several angles.  The biggest one was from former Texas Glass Association Professional of the Year David Ozment of Binswanger Glass.  He was not pleased with my comments given the effect a cruise slowdown could have on his Galveston territory.  And he’s right.  No doubt that if the cruise industry suffers the effect it will have on its ports will be dramatic.  Still I do wonder how many people did see that coverage and decide, no way, not going on one.

--  Amazing news, last week I had a brief interaction with the folks at the Department of Energy and I must say, the new blood is very very good.  We have hope folks.  Good people at that organization could have an incredibly positive effect on our industry. 

--  If you read this blog you know I like lists… this one though was tough.  I picked it up thanks to the fantastic Twitter feed of Earnest Thompson and it was Forbes Magazine’s “top miserable cities” for 2013.  The link is here, but as a preview it has a lot of Michigan and California cities on the list.

--  Kudos to the team at for their latest fundraising success.  You may remember these guys as the folks with the memorable exhibits at GlassBuild America.  They also though are pretty amazing when it comes to raising money for breast cancer and last week they announced they passed the $10,000 mark in secured donations.  Great work gang!! Plus I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves in Atlanta this fall!

--  Last this week… I read that Lance Armstrong was paid 31 million by the US Postal Service as a part of their sponsorship of him and his cycling team.  I guess this is yet another reason why that organization is so deep in debt.  I would’ve loved to be in that marketing and strategy session to hear what the justification was on why they sponsored him and more importantly how it would drive more people to use an archaic mail and delivery service.  And I get brand awareness, live for it, but that argument doesn’t play here for a ton of reasons.  (Majority of races overseas, lack of TV exposure, tainted sport, etc.)


--  A helium shortage could actually be very serious.  Wow.

--  OK fellow Road Warriors… check out the possible airline seatof the future… what do you think?  Pretty cool in my estimation but since I usually only fly Delta and their fleet is 30 years old, I’ll probably never see it.

The untold story of one of the more memorable openings of the Oscars.


Last week it was the basketball coach hitting the half court shot.  This week it’s the cheerleader and she does it one better.  Amazing stuff!

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