Sunday, March 17, 2013

The true industry awards

It’s that time again; the extremely popular Glass Magazine Awards are back.  Like last year I am very excited for the people portion of the awards since this is a great way to recognize the talent in our world.  Plus it’s a vote of your peers as the ballot is open to the industry and it’s great to have a say in such a prestigious award.  So if you have not seen the info yet on it, here’s a link for it.  Check it out and start nominating!


--  One guy who should get a nomination in the Sales Rep category is Dave Michaeli of AGC.  I thought of him this week when I saw his alma mater having its pro tryout day.  All those guys striving to be an Idaho State Hall of Famer just like him.

--  It’s March Madness!  Sadly my Alma Mater just missed getting back to the dance but no matter it will be a blast to follow as always.  My picks for the final four are Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, and Miami with Louisville winning it all.  Remember I did pick the Super Bowl right this year, so I am on a roll…LOL

--  The monthly Consumer Confidence sentiment had a surprising and major dip in its latest release.  Several factors including the “sequester” and gas prices had effects.  It was a matter of time in my opinion that the unconscionable gas gouging was going to finally bite into the economy.  Why no one of importance seems to pay attention to the games the oil companies are playing is beyond me.  Unfortunately the trickle down here will continue to be a drag on the economy.  And we are seeing it here in our industry as another set of price increases are out.

--  Great piece here from Susan MacKay and Paul Gary on the Affordable Care Act.  The more you know, the better you will be.  Also Susan along with the excellent Matt Johnson will be presenting at the forthcoming online Glass Management Institute.  If you are in business, you will not want to miss their piece as well as the others that are lined up.  Basically in the case of understanding new laws like this, you just can’t afford to miss it. 

--  For the first time in who knows how many years, I missed the annual GANA BEC Conference this week.  Schedule conflicts did me in.  Hate missing all of the folks I usually see there.  Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone at AIA and GlassBuild.

--  Last this week.  I struggle to remember birthdays as I get older, but I always remember that St Patrick’s Day is also the birthday of a good guy and former co-worker of mine, Dave Gillikin of Hartung Glass Industries. Hope you had a great one Dave!


--  Twitter, for as much as I love it, is also littered with some serious lowlifes.  In this case one boxer had enough of the idiocy and took matters in to his own hands… good for him!

--  This story makes it seem like this is rare, but I have seen the old storage room, now for napping, at a lot of offices.

--  Drunk man falls asleep in his fries.  Yep.


Well I can say that the old traditional Bar Mitzvah invitation has changed dramatically.  This video invite is very well done.  I actually got this from a few people, but thanks to Scott Goodman who led the pack.

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Gillie said...

Thanks Max for the birthday mention! It was different this year out in California. Not many drunk Irish people like Denver was!