Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun and Interesting Feedback

I have been writing this blog for a long time.  Pretty much every week since 2005, I have been posting my thoughts, opinions, theories, and awful sporting predictions.  (Exception this year, I did call the Super Bowl- thank you very much.) I have enjoyed doing it a great deal but I must say the last several weeks have been the most fun I have had doing this in a very long time.  You, the readership, have been incredibly engaged.  The amount of feedback I have been experiencing has been a blast.  It is awesome to see people are interested in the subjects I hit here like education, technology, talent, and heck I even got a handful of notes about Taylor Swift too.  While I created this forum for me to release my feelings and act as therapy, it is also for you to have an outlet of your feelings and issues.  And I am thrilled it continues to fill that role!


--  Speaking of education, several weeks ago I mentioned SAPA’s Commercial B&C Academy as a great learning opportunity.  It was held a week or so back and the feedback I have received on it was great- people from all over North America attending and some serious learning going on.  Congrats to the gang there for their efforts and I will surely do all I can to attend the next one in person!

--  A quick “Get Well Soon” wish to good friend Steve O’Hollaren of ICD.  Can’t wait to see you back out on the road and at the shows!

--  Enjoyed the Glass Magazine “G3” piece this month.  It was the “Expectations for 2013” question and the three folks featured Mike Turner of YKK, Sue Moore of Moore Glass, and Scott Thomsen of Guardian Industries did a great job of hitting the important pieces of the year ahead.  By the way, I really like this feature- it is a quick and interesting way to get insight and opinions from some very fascinating people.

--  As a marketing guy it will be very interesting to see if Carnival Cruise lines do anything to change the current perception in the marketplace.  Last week’s debacle with the ship broken down in sea gave so much negative attention to the line, I have to wonder how they bounce back.  Heck the whole industry suffered mightily as even though these ships are “floating cities” when things go wrong, you are really going to be in an ugly place.

--  For the record, I haven’t had a desire to take a cruise, after this event, even the slim desire is gone.  I’ll stick to land.

--  Last week was the Grammy Awards and my comments are simple… Taylor Swift did not sing the song I liked and the show lacked that awesome performance they had in years past (like Bruno Mars in 2012).  Too bad.

--  Last this week… a meteor hit Russia.  How is this not bigger news?  If one hit the US it would easily be the 2nd biggest story of the day behind Marco Rubio drinking water or someone learning the Harlem Shake dance.  Seriously though, the meteor hit was an insane event and scary.  And from a glass standpoint, one story noted that more than a million square feet of glass was broken after impact.    Really big story that somehow, at least in my viewing, did not get the attention it deserves.


--  Interesting photo bomb here… and on a side note, how is this guy going to get confirmed with his past?

--  A mini meth lab on a golf course… in the porta potty… wild.

--  Meet a very cool Jeopardy contestant and the awesome way he answered the final question.


Very cool story from Brandon, Manitoba…. Where a college basketball coach at Brandon University just won a student free tuition by hitting a half court shot.  Love stuff like this!

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