Saturday, January 19, 2013

And we're off...

We are now a few weeks in to the new year and you can start to feel that the holiday hangover is passing and we’re now starting to settle into what’s “real” in our world.  For some regions, that means slowing of business and more crucially the slowing of cash flow.  In other areas, it’s still rolling along nicely though they too are watching their cash flow closely.  All parties though are surely wondering how long this trend will last.  For those on the slowing side, some past experience has shown that it was usually slowing up by late January, early February.  Then awful until late March and early April.  Will this year follow pattern?  The clock is ticking…


--  Missed this last week, but a hearty congrats to Kirk Johnson on his promotion at Hartung to COO.  I’ve known Kirk a long time and it’s great to see him advance to such a strong position at one of the industries best companies.

--  Also missed last week, Steven Brenner, joining McGrory Glass as Director of Architectural Sales.  I am thrilled for Mr. Brenner and the classy McGrory family as this is a win-win proposition for sure!

---  And one more item from last week, I was heartened by the reaction to my piece on the supply channels being disrupted.  A ton of feedback both online and to me personally.  Very cool, and to hear from folks like Scott Surma and Gerry Duffy is ust an honor and thrill.  It is a serious subject and I am glad people see it as such.

--  I’m on my way to the west for a few days for the GANA Annual Conference.  I have not attended one of these in a while, so I am looking forward to seeing what is new and happening on the technical side of our world.  Plus getting the chance to visit with folks like Greg Carney, Julie Schimmelpenningh, and the Pittsburgh legend Ren Bartoe among others is very exciting. 

--  Cold enough outside for everyone? Man oh man, just seems more bitter than normal.  Then again my friends on the auto glass side are just pleading for a few ice storms to help that business segment.

--  Lance Armstrong.  Manti Te’o.  I just don’t know what to say.  What a wild news cycle.

--  I have been involved with some of the planning of the Glass Management Institute and will say that I am very excited about the speakers and subjects lined up.  More info is coming, but suffice to say, this will be “can’t miss” sort of stuff.  Except for the marketing class that some pain in the butt blogger is going to teach.

--  Hockey is back… my picks… St. Louis vs. the Rangers in the Cup.  Early apologies to Paul DeGray, whom I believe is a huge Ranger fan and is now screaming at the screen that I jinxed the Blue Shirts.  Sorry, but I think King Henrik will carry them.


--  A college in Georgia is a leader in “Sugar Baby’s” and I am not talking the candy.  Amazing!

--  Same names…first and last, and they get married…. Now divorced.  Confused?  Yep, I was too… then I clicked.

--  Wild story, Russian soldiers finally switching to socks.  Yes socks… I mean I thought EVERYONE wore socks.


Last week I talked about the amazing MTV book and there was one video that was noted in the book ruined a guy’s career.  It was “Rock me Tonight” by Bill Squier and it is very memorable… here it is in all its glory…

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Rich said...

Thanks for ruining Billy Squire for me Max! My brothers and I used to rock out to my cousin's Billy Squire albums when we were kids. I'll never think of him the same!