Saturday, August 18, 2012

The jobs are out there

Lots of people movement announced in the industry last week (Scott Hoover, John Rovi, Chris Grillot to name three) and that is always exciting.  But the real interesting thing is the amount of sales management related jobs that seem to be popping open.  A quick look on LinkedIn or the National Glass Associations website and there’s quite a few ads for companies looking for some high-end sales professionals.  The issue though is relocation… there’s jobs but NOT where people are living right now.  That has become a real tough one, because here are companies looking for the upgrade or expanding, but they just can’t or won’t go through the hassle/expense of the whole re-location gambit.  And even if they want to, because of the economy, people are stuck upside down in their current homes.  So while it is great to see the movement that hit the news last week, there’s still a lot more that can happen if a few things would give…  And if you are looking and not using LinkedIn or the NGA’s website- you need to.


--  And speaking of new jobs… great news last week that Marc LaFrance of the DOE has a new one… far far far away in Paris at the International Energy Agency.  Now those of you who know me, know I am not exactly a fan of how Marc conducted business at DOE (personally I like him… professionally, not so much) so the reason I am thrilled is maybe a new face and voice in the DOE will be a boost. (I’m lighting a candle for it as I type this) Simple as that- fresh blood hopefully will do us all good.  And for Marc, a new post, and new challenges hopefully will be good too. 

--  GlassBuild now really close… I have been THRILLED in recent days hearing from so many coming to the show.  The excitement is there and that just makes my day.  Why?  Because the exhibitors this year are off the hook (good every year I know) and they have so much to show and we all have so much to gain from.  The innovation and diverse products that will be on display is going to rule the day!

--  I’m also very pumped about the Glazing Executive Forum, when you have amazing industry people like Oliver Stepe (YKK AP), Garret Henson (Viracon), David Balik (GGI), Scott Clymire (United Architectural), Jon Kimberlain (Dow Corning) and Helen Sanders (SAGE) among many other wonderful folks involved you know it is going to worthwhile!

--  Saw the movie “Step Up Revolution” last week (my daughter is a dancer, so this is a must) and the best part was glass had a big role in the opening scene of the movie… we got a glass truck and several lites of heavy glass being painted during a performance scene… It was very cool… while everyone was watching the dancing I was mesmerized by the glass.  Man I am an odd bird.

--  Last this week, College Football had the initial rankings released with USC as the preseason #1.  I am not a fan of the Trojans but that team is stacked.  Alabama is #2 and LSU #3, Meanwhile Michigan checked in at #8 but with a lone first place vote, which means Earnest Thompson of Guardian now must have a ballot in that poll!  For my money, I like Wisconsin to win it all…. And yes now all of my Badgers friends have groaned that I put the kiss of death on them!


--  Were any of you like me and my family… frustrated by NBC’s closing ceremony debacle with leaving at the Who?

--  And yet another reason to shake your head when it comes to China.

-- Former NBA player Dan Roundfield dies while saving his wife… good man, remembered as ahero.


Want to see what happens if your rush up to Lady Gaga and ask for her autograph?  Not pretty… but in this say and age the bodyguard did what he was paid to do…

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