Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seriously Conflicted

Instead of starting with industry related stuff this week; I’m leading off with the Lance Armstrong story.  I am seriously conflicted here.  On one hand it could be he’s a fraud because of doping, but on the other hand, I do feel he is the victim of witch-hunt, that he did a ton for cancer research, and maybe he is truly innocent but just giving up the fight.  I also cannot stand that our government wastes so much money chasing the Armstrong’s and Clemens of the world.  I think we have bigger problems than athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs.  As for Armstrong, something just isn’t right here.  He passed test after test for YEARS.  He is being hung out to dry with no real proof.  How is this right?  Where is the smoking gun?  Then again why did he give up?  In any case, this is a tough one, because he has worked hard on behalf of cancer research and other charitable causes but if he did cheat, how can you admire that?


--  News this week from the folks at Southern Aluminum Finishing (SAF) on their succession planning… Just smart business from really smart and classy people.  I am big fan of the McClatchey family and they do things the right way in my opinion.  This approach is just another example of such.

--  Also great news about one of my favorite people in the industry Cameron Scripture of Viracon.  I noticed he picked up a new gig within the company as Western Region Architectural Manager… Very cool, he will do quite well in that role as long as he doesn’t get cast in some blockbuster picture with those movie star good looks!

--  Well the Architectural Billings Index (ABI) got better but still was underwater for July.  I’d like to be done paying attention to these things, but I just can’t break my habit.  I just hope they are wrong!

--  The weekly GlassBuild update… the show is coming up quick.  The rush to register is on... in the past several weeks I have hit on all the reasons why it is a must to attend, so I won’t belabor the point other than to say, it is a flat out MUST if you want to network and grow yourself and your business.  Plain and simple.  There’s still time, flights and hotels still affordable.  See you there…

--  Great article here on one of the major solar heavyweights starting to run into some serious trouble.  The solar sector still has its positives (obviously what Guardian and Pythagoras are doing counts in that category) but there’s some dark clouds too.

-- As I write this, Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on Florida and moving north.  Hope everyone stays safe!!

--  So it is smack dab into Fantasy Football draft season… this week people will be doing it up… I know my pal Scott Surma has done a bunch of drafts already and I am still waiting on my buddy Cash to invite me to play again.  And this year is the first one I can remember where 3 different guys could be #1 with Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, and LeSean McCoy all going atop the drafts.  Last year I took the year off from Fantasy… this year I am back…


--  Just an awesome page here, the 33 best “GIFS” of the Olympics including the McKayla Moroney vault. 

--  Not a story you’ll see every day- woman falls out of a window from her shower.  Huh?

--  Very clever tip jar idea.  Very clever.


Saddened by the passing of Neil Armstrong at age 82.  Here is a video obit.  It is also interesting that with his passing brings the conspiracy theories that he never actually walked on the moon.  RIP Neil.

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