Saturday, August 11, 2012

Change of heart?

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You know it was like it was meant to be… just last week I mentioned that I was turning pessimistic to all of these forecasts promoting improvements in our sector of the world.  So what happens this week?  The Associated General Contractors of America announce that things are now growing consistently and they just noted the best month in 2-1/2 years.  You know I have always been good at NOT picking sports teams (though my baseball picks for this year are looking good) maybe I need to use the same theory with these construction forecasts and reports?  Maybe just keep taking he opposite? In any case, it is welcome news, but we’re still a week away from the next ABI that I have a feeling will be down again….


--  I have noted Bill Coady of Guardian on the blog here before for being an excellent man.  Well I guess I am not alone as Bill just was honored as the “Product Representative of the Year” by the Seattle chapter of CSI.  Congrats Bill, that is an honor that is surely deserved!

--  The weekly reminder on GlassBuild… coming back this year is the “Best in Show” award where the best exhibits will be recognized!   Winners leave with knowledge that their efforts were appreciated and they get an awesome glass plaque from M3 Glass Technologies.  Like last year, the judges are the attendees, so those of you going (which should be everyone who reads this blog!) keep your eyes peeled for the best booths and enter your ballot.  Random judges (you) will be eligible to win prizes too. 

--  Did anyone happen to see the Washington Post continuing coverage of the Solyndra mess?  Am I the only one wondering why there hasn’t been a full scale clean up of the DOE?  I guess some people/organizations just keep falling “upwards” no matter what. 

--  I just recently checked out the schedule of events for the IGMA meeting that will be held in Las Vegas at virtually the same time as GlassBuild- so coming out there you can continue to add even more value to your trip.  This is truly a heavy duty technical seminar.   The meeting agenda looks fantastic.  Anytime you can see Dr. Tom Culp talking on codes, you NEED to do it.  Plus I met Bill Briese of GED last year at GlassBuild and he was extremely impressive- he’ll have a presentation to that probably won’t disappoint.  Kudos to Dave Cooper of Guardian, current President of IGMA and Marg Webb for a well-done plan! 

--  Look at this way… for a few days in Vegas, between GlassBuild, the Glazing Exec Forum, and IGMA, you will actually leave RICH…. With knowledge!!  (and maybe with money if you go opposite of my advice!)

--  Gas is now above $4, does anyone care?  Isn’t amazing that we’ve settled as a society on gas prices that high and no desire to fight or do anything about it?

--  Did anyone see this glass bottomed swimming pool in China?   24 stories off  the ground… Ummmm I’d be worried about nickel sulfide…LOL

LINKS of the WEEK:

--  Olympic talk… Funny story… the NBC announcers were asked to stop doing play by play for Boxing because they were annoying the officials…

--  The newest target for the scammers in this world?  Lawyers!

--  And speaking of scams, keep an eye out for this doozy.  Wow.

VIDEO of the WEEK:

This is classic!  A Lego remake of the 100 meter race at the Olympics… the creativity out there really is something to behold!

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