Sunday, July 29, 2012

Working through the dog days of summer

So news of big price increases in the industry hit in the last few weeks… There’s no question that costs have gone up on everything… not only in our industry but also in our lives as a whole.  Whether it’s groceries or building supplies the cost to produce, handle and ship have been rising pretty consistently in recent times.  In most industries a price increase is what it is… but in this one, because of past history, nothing is easy or as it seems.  Will this be an increase that sticks or will this just be another footnote in our crazy past of handling of costs?  There’s a ton of dynamics at play here, and it sure will be something to watch what moves are made in the marketplace and who makes them.


--  The Olympics kicked off this past Friday and the two main thoughts I had… The lack of a moment of silence for the athletes murdered in 1972 continues to be a major stain on the Olympic movement.  While small and private memorials have been done, the Olympics absolutely refuse to recognize or honor the victims of that heinous time on a true stage of legitimacy for the world to see.  So my message to the organizers…. keep avoiding facing it head on and the drumbeat for the need to honor the victims will just keep growing.  Why doing the right thing is so hard here is beyond me.  Also beyond me, most of that opening ceremony!  Weird and bizarre are two words that sum up most of it.  Plus who woulda thunk “The Pet Shop Boys” would have a song played during an Olympic opening… crazy.

--  Congrats to the National Glass Association for an Olympic sized victory this week… The NGA was one of the groups behind HR 4078, which is legislation that will do the following:

Reform legislation to streamline the time-consuming permitting process, bring transparency to rules issued by agencies as a result of an out-of-court agreement, and prohibit agencies from issuing a cascade of regulations when a change of administrations occurs.

Basically this bill reduces the massive red tape that small business owners have to face when building their business.  Nice to see theNational Glass Association really getting into it like this and let’s hope the Senate now does the right thing and continues this momentum.

--  The update on GlassBuild America.  Tuesday the 31st (so if you are reading this via e-glass weekly, that is TODAY) is the last day for the awesome rates at the LVH hotel for GlassBuild.  So jump off this blog now by clicking here, and book before the rates go up.  The actual hotel block is available still through August 21st, but you know you’re going to the show, so why wait?  Book now!

--  Last this week... a good friend of mine called me this week and took me to task about my blog.  It’s boring and the same stuff over and over again he excitedly told me.  He mentioned that he still reads it weekly but its just not cutting it lately.  I heard him out and agreed with a lot of it, as this summer has been very slow for news and opinion and it does seem like some subjects have been more prominent than others.  We are in the dog days and I have found myself caught up in it.  In any case, I am aware of it and I will keep grinding along and try to bring you the blog you expect and have been supporting since 2005.  I appreciate everyone who reads, comments, e-mails etc., so keep it coming.


--  Wild story of a bear in a suburban Pittsburgh mall.  It is not the mall my sister works at otherwise the bear would’ve left decked out in all new Nordstrom gear… because she can sell anyone- man, woman, child and animal.

--  This is the wildest story of the weak… guy sends a negative tweet during a concert and gets booted!  Wow.

--  And reason # 3,798 that I hate banks these days…


In the spirit of the Olympics, here is a look at some great “fails” from the world of Track and Field… some are truly epic!


Jay Smith said...

We remain hopeful in the Detroit Metro area.... We have been seeing cranes for commercial construction in the sky for the first time in years!

Jay Smith said...

We remain hopeful in the Detroit Metro area... We are seeing commercial construction cranes in the sky for the first time in years.