Sunday, July 15, 2012

SAM to the rescue

When I saw the news come across about a robot that could help inspect glass on Toronto condos, I immediately clicked on it.    I would assume you are aware of the whole “glass falling from the condo” issue in Toronto (and elsewhere but mostly Toronto) that has been a huge story.  Now with this news, there could be a whole new angle.  The robot SAM could scan the building and find the areas of need and distress.  If this robot actually can work, and I am sure there’s experts out there who believe it won’t, it could be a major player in the downtown high rise markets for skittish developers worried about glass falling out.   I still believe though at the end of the day all balcony material should go to laminated, but that would only be new buildings, the thousands of current structures are here to stay and now maybe we can get a glimpse into the future.


--  Speaking of glass breakage I saw the story a few weeks back that glass at the new World Trade Center was damaged after by being struck by a load of steel moved by a huge gust of wind.  Thankfully no one was hurt and all has still supposedly stayed on schedule.  If true, I have to assume that the glass broken was the stuff made in the US and not the materials that came from overseas.  Would be curious to see how bad the turn would be if it was the overseas stuff, could’ve been a great lesson for the Port Authority.  Then again they could probably care less.

--  Gotta say that last week’s post here surely had legs.  This blog was the first place that the info on Serious Energy was listed including the ouster of Kevin Surace.  Soon after a San Francisco paper followed suit as did others.  Then the video of the week on the amazing 3D printing ended up as a front section story in USA Today.  And yes I am sure it was all coincidence but sure was nice to be ahead of the curve!

--  This week’s note on GlassBuild America focuses on the networking aspect.  Plain and simple no other event brings the amount of people, quality, connected people, to one place like the show does.  Add in the awesome reception (always after night 1 of the show) sponsored by the fine folks at Quanex and you have the recipe to not only network to the best of your ability but have a great night too.  GBA is less than 60 days away!

--  Are you all as conflicted as me on whom to vote for in the Glass Magazine awards?  Some amazing candidates- a massive congratulation is due to everyone nominated and the great companies that employ them.  If you have not voted yet, you can go here to check it out.

--  Last this week… this link brings big news… the end of the world is not coming on December 21, 2012 as the Mayan’s supposedly predicted.  New evidence and research is showing that 12/21/12 was just the end of the Mayan calendar.  So we have to still keep working…


--  Tom Cruise not happy with the National Enquirer…

--  Insane.  The US Olympic team will be decked out in outfits made in China.  Sorry folks, that is shameful. 

--  This story.  You just can’t this stuff up.


You may have seen this video from a different angle previously.  It is the San Diego 4th of July Fireworks show that basically went up in smoke.  This is from much closer… wild stuff.

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