Sunday, July 22, 2012

Uh Oh... the ABI stays negative

That awful sound you may be hearing is the Architectural Billings Index (ABI) gasping for air.  Can it really be happening again?  Once you think you have made it out of the woods, you realize you’re still lost.  In any case the news this past week that the ABI is still trending in negative territory was brutal.  And considering that the graph of the ABI from year to year looks eerily similar, 2013 could take the same shape as 2012.  Part of me does believe the ABI and its ilk are just educated guesses anyway, but even if true people do believe and follow them.   Bottom line is we are still in tenuous territory.  That said, does any of this matter?  The election in November is going to move the needle one way or another and all of the future research is basically worthless because of that.  So we wait…


--  Got great insight and reaction on my post from last week about SAM saving the day.  Best was the education I got from people who have dealt with spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide and how hard it is to find.  These folks pretty much shot down SAM’s effectiveness.  So now I am curious to see how this program will actually work, as the experts I talked with were pretty adamant that this is very wishful thinking. 

--  Anyone else having trouble with picking their winners on the Glass Magazine awards?  Man it is brutal- so many great candidates.  I am betting these elections are going to be insanely close, so please vote.  Best of all this is a great and fair way to recognize talent- even being nominated is huge.  There’s no politics in the end selection process, which is really refreshing.

--  Great tweet from the account of ICD last week with a story on “green” being old news and “zero impact” being the future.  So totally dead on.  The zero impact way really is the next frontier.  The story is here and if you want to follow a person who is constantly linking interesting and need to know stuff, follow ICD and my pal the Glass Pundit, Kris Vockler.   

--  Speaking of “green”…  Last Wednesday a new group was announced with a press release that brought together a lot of building and construction associations to start the American High Performance Buildings Coalition.  This new organization is going to do something that I have been preaching here for a long time, and that is to get into the real crux of the green movement and ensure that the development of all green standards available make sense.  This group will also be ANSI accredited which is a positive too.  Hopefully they can be fair and transparent (and not biased or political) and make these programs truly effective.

--  In my weekly look at GlassBuild America news… it was announced that the Innovative Product Pavilion had sold out.  That is awesome news- it proves that the advancements in technology in our industry are not a fable, but true blue.  So on the floor in Las Vegas will be the technology that will take our industry into the future and that is extremely exciting.  I am not sure how anyone in business can choose to miss this…  Wouldn’t you want to be in the front of trend innovation and knowledge wise instead of chasing?  So there ya go, my weekly plug for the show… BE THERE!

--  Last this week, back in December 2010 I ran this story about the amazing practice of an online eyeglass seller letting bad reviews drive his business and then bullying people that purchased from him.   Basically he is opposite of what we all try to do, but it was working… until the guy behind it eventually went too far with the threats and was arrested for the threats he laid out.   Now an update comes that his bail has been revoked… and he is still in business too.  Amazing.


--  For my fellow road warriors out there… scary news about the possibility of an airline pilot shortage…. Oh the joy (scarcasm intended) of flying to continue…

--  Can somebody tell me after reading this article why the dad thinks it’s the park’s fault his daughter burned her feet?  Dude, you looked away, and your shoeless toddler stepped out onto a metal grate.  Gotta love how people refuse to take responsibility.

--  Dennis Rodman’s dad… name is Philander… has 29 kids by 16 women.  That is not a misprint.  Philander.  29 kids.  16 women. 


Once upon a time I was a producer in the news/sports business  and we had an epic reel of failures… well with youtube, they are easy to find daily and he’s a pretty good compilation of them.  Best one that appeals to our world is one we showed a while back of a news reporter trying to break glass around the 2:40 mark.  This entire piece though does feature some salty language so its probably not safe for work.  


Kris Vockler said...

Oi, Glass Pundit, that was like forever ago. Green is indeed changing. I won't say we can't get somewhere, look at what's been done in 15 years. Can we get to zero and is that really a good idea? Time will tell.

Max Perilstein said...

Thank you for the comment and the pundit... the pundit will always live!