Sunday, December 18, 2011

And that's a wrap!

Well the year is almost done and what a year it has been. 2011 had more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway. I for one will be extremely happy when it is over, put this whole adventure in the rear view mirror and focus on the positive that are coming in 2012 and beyond. I am confident that we are headed towards good things as an industry. Also this is a time to say thanks to my loyal blog readers for sticking with me and following the adventures here week after week. I appreciate that more than words can show. It continues to be great therapy for me to write these… Hope everyone reading this, and yes even my competition that lives to see what I write each week (so they can go cover the stories I find prominent) I hope you have a great set of holidays and a happy and healthy 2012!

-- Wow I have gotten kindler and gentler… shame that the woefully boring blog that used to take people (ex employees and friends mostly) out for lunches and write about em doesn’t do that anymore… I coulda been asked! Ha ha ha.

-- Yep… I guess I still have a tiny bit of an edge.

-- Over the next two weeks I may post a few things here, but I think I am going to take a little bit of a break. Not a Bill Stone break mind you (one blog every 6 months- C’mon Bill, don’t let the mainstream trade media hold you down!) but a couple of weeks to just catch my breath…

-- See this post is turning into a response for all the people who liked how I used to blog back in the day…. But this is one time only… I am mellow and have changed, though I will always enjoy any chance to tweak competition. Especially when they show they can’t handle it.

-- Ok enough…. What’s happening here reminds me of a great quote….

“A drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts”

I’m not drunk, but if I keep going on here with no mental (or physical) editor… my oh my this would be pretty bad.

Before I go semi dark for the rest of 2011, some quick last minute thoughts:

-- There are still some super talented people in our industry looking for work. Sales and operations… smart companies will advance with the additions available. And my best hopes and wishes out to those looking.

-- I do like LSU in the BCS. So between the McCallister’s at Coral and Danik up at Walker (all big Bama fans) celebrations are now taking place.

-- My kid wanted a Tebow jersey but they are all sold out- everywhere and even on line. Crazy how popular. If Tebow makes the Superbowl it will be the biggest show ever.

-- Congrats to Apogee on their solid 3rd quarter. See I am telling you better times are ahead!

-- Same with kudos to Quanex on their good news. Lots of very good people that are apart of the Quanex team and deserve some positive vibes. Happy for them!

-- Last, on what the big deal of 2012 will be? I have no clue but I think I can confidently say I WON’T be in the middle of it!

Ok so put it in the books…. Happy and Healthy to all!!!


-- Howard Stern joining the judging panel of America’s Got Talent… I’ll have to defer to my brother who is the king of these talent shows on if this is a good move or not. Should be interesting though.

-- Why this is NOT getting more coverage is beyond me. Censorship on the web is in the offing and here are the details. Scary.

-- Girl threatens Santa if her wish list doesn’t get answered. This has to be fake right? If not… wow.


The video to end the year… a runaway cart bowling people over at a football game. You just have to watch it.

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