Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012, great to see you!

Happy New Year! Before we put 2011 in the books though I wanted to quickly take a look back. There is no doubt that the past year was challenging. But there were probably more bright spots than we either want to admit or were willing to notice. Regardless, I for one am thrilled that we have turned the calendar over. 2012 brings with it serious promise, on virtually every level. We have many companies poised to make moves with new locations, expanding products and cutting-edge technology. We have hopefully some political closure, no matter who wins in November, and we just have the “hope” that comes with a clean slate. So with that in mind, the onus is on us to make it a great one and I truly believe we’ll rise above the obstacles and roadblocks out there. Nothing is easy, but I am staying positive as it relates to our industry and world.

See I am trying to turn over a new leaf… positive… kindler… gentler… oh my.


-- I have been doing this blog since 2005 and maybe once during that time did I take any extended time away from it until the last two weeks. It surely was bizarre not thinking about it. I missed it actually. So it’s great to be back. And as a reminder I actually post every Sunday, and it ends up in many people’s screens Tuesday as a part of the absolutely excellent e-glass weekly.

-- Some props to catch up on… Congrats to Kirk Johnson on his new position at Hartung Glass. Very happy that Kirk landed so well. And speaking of Hartung, kudos to their marketing genius Rich Porayko for the excellent choreographed set of announcements last week. Well done my friend. Congrats also to Alissa Schmidt who just picked up a nice promotion at Viracon. Wow the good guys get even better now! And also Congrats to the fine folks at Binswanger Glass who embark on a new journey, I’m excited for everyone there after the announcement of their purchase by Grey Mountain.

-- Grey Mountain also announced the acquisition of Global Security Glazing as well. As many of you know I have always been a fan of Grey and the way they do things. I lamented that they hadn’t gotten their chances in the past, so I am thrilled it has taken place now. That I believe is a positive for the industry for sure!

-- Did see the wild ruling that the Department of Defense will not be able to use any money to go through specific green building certifications. I am probably in the minority (I always am) but I think its great. Build to the spirit of it (like so many people do) because going sustainable is the right thing to do, but skip the process, save the cash (taxpayers cash anyway) and move on.

-- Saw on Twitter (are you using yet?) a great link from Heather West that predicted the 5 regions that will flourish in 2012. I should make you all go follow her on Twitter to find it, but here’s the link- interesting stuff.

-- Still on social media, anyone using Google+ much? I am trying to make an effort for 2012- just not sure if I get it yet.

-- BOOK of the WEEK: The Wizard of Lies by Diana Henriques. This book was the inside story about Bernie Madoff and his ponzi scam. Solid read overall, though maybe a tad too long. The key of the book for me was the blatant ineptitude of the SEC in their various investigations into Madoff. Many times they had him, and they just skipped a simple step and let him off the mat. It was like a TV cliffhanger leaving you thinking for sure the guy is done, and next week you watch the show and he survives. Just amazing stuff.

-- Last, this blog gets linked elsewhere but it is so good, I feel like I need to throw a connection out too. Kris Vockler compiled 9 business lessons from 2011. Very good, easy, and worthy read.


-- Start the year off with an absolutely great one… the job interview questions of the year. Some of these are really out there… makes you think!

-- If you are Facebook person and need a shower curtain, this is the product for you!

-- Wild piece here- 6 “true story” movies who’s happy endings really did not continue in real life.


Our submission for VIDEO of the WEEK this time is basically every video that my brother found and I didn’t show you all… and its compiled into one very handy video. The top “fails” of 2011. Check it out! (Bear with me- my link was bad and now Youtube is not cooperating- will update as soon as they allow me)

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Kirk Johnson said...

Thanks Max! Looking forward to another exciting year. Always enjoy your blog. Rich P is all over it.....