Sunday, December 11, 2011

Code Insight

The latest issue of Glass Magazine featured a tremendous column by Julie Ruth on the code process. Simply said, everyone should take a few minutes and read it. Thanks to efforts from people like Julie, our industry still has a voice, but she points out both how that voice could’ve been silenced and how sometimes our voice isn’t as strong as it needs to be. No matter how you feel about the codes or their facilitators (and those who know me, know I have passionate feelings here) they are a major player in our world, and will only grow more so. The moral here is no matter what vehicle you want to take through the code process (yourself, trade organization, suppliers, collaborative etc.) it’s important that you do.


-- Another year and another round of the Solutia World of Color Awards. As I noted when this was created, I loved the idea and overall concept. The jury was just announced and the team at Solutia did a great job identifying some super people. Programs like this and when YKK did a YouTube video contest are great and positive interest builders for our industry. Props to Aimee Davis and team and good luck with contest!

-- And speaking of kudos, also sending them north of the border to Danik Dancause and Matthew Christie on their new promotions at Walker Glass. I have known Danik for a while and aside from being the best-dressed guy in our industry he is an absolute talent. As for Matt, a very sharp guy that I met for the first time at GlassBuild. I can tell you that after we met he basically figured out that I am nuts- so that alone proves he has brains! Good luck gentlemen.

-- Who are you taking in the LSU-Alabama game? I just wish there was a playoff in college football. Can you imagine THOSE bracket contests? Wow.

-- For you folks who love architecture, how about this great blog post on 15 architects who changed our world. Really good stuff- even if you just look at only the pictures.

-- Last this week, back to the world of sports… those of you who may fans of Indiana University Basketball congrats on the return of your team to national prominence. IU upset #1 Kentucky on Saturday with a buzzer beater and looks to be headed in the right direction.

LINKS of the WEEK:

-- Evidently this was a big a few weeks back- a clerk at McDonald’s taking on some customers. Very wild video and story…

-- Something tells me that this story will be one that continues to grow… the argument of blogger vs. journalist. In some areas there’s not doubt between the two, then in others one of the two disciplines is so weak, that the other would cringe.

Interesting piece on colleges being proactive to protect themselves in an ever-changing web world…

VIDEO of the WEEK:

Ok this video has been making the rounds on the internet… was this anchorperson under the influence or was their something else at play? Take a look…

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