Monday, August 02, 2010

And a Marketing guy shall lead them

So as the news trickled out that Arch Aluminum hired a new CEO, my e mail box filled with questions on how I felt about it and so on. Basically I had one feeling and that was one of bemusement since they hired a strategic marketing guy. It’s “inside baseball” stuff but trust me I chuckled heartily when I saw it was marketing exec as CEO. Outside of that, I really had no other thoughts aside from what I noted a few weeks ago about Arch and AGC both having new management teams in place. It should be a very interesting process to look back on and see what worked and what didn’t.


-- And yet a few more management members at Arch were let go with the news that CIO Kevin Aubuchon and the VP of Materials Management Donna Aubuchon were out. Again from experience these two were tremendous, and amazingly the work Donna was doing in controlling inventory was rough and unpopular, so that’s a massive shame she couldn’t see it all through. But like everyone else, I am confident that they will end up in a better place.

-- Another comical note this week… the DOE asked the NFRC for more research and testing on long term energy performance and so on. And the sad story continues with the DOE enabling the NFRC…. The reason it’s sad/comical is the guy from DOE who specifically requested this was Marc LaFrance. And Marc usually talks a big game about keeping the NFRC and their powers in check, but when push comes to shove, he buckles under. So much so that I have noted here in the past, when Marc “rages” at the board for their mis-steps (you know like ignoring consensus etc) they just totally tune him out. Oh well, the beat goes on.

-- You have a couple more weeks to get your entries in for the Solutia World of Color Awards… Click HERE for the website and more information. What an awesome c0ntest.

-- Do you realize this past weekend was the last weekend free of Football until November? My gosh time is flying by. Anyway 6 Sundays until the real stuff starts in the NFL.

-- Last this week, PPG came out with a white paper on their Clarvista ™ Shower Glass line and I have to say if I ever need a white paper about my life, I’m begging Rob Struble and his crew at PPG as they have a knack for those things. And if this white paper is even half as successful as the SB 70 one they did a few years ago, look out.


Two great reads for you…

-- First up, the glass industry is filled with family businesses and when I saw this article linked by Tony Leto on my LinkedIn site, I knew I had to put it up here. Great read about the whole family business dynamic.

-- Super read on the “new” economy of America where even when you are broke, you still pony up the money to buy an IPad. This article gives tons of examples that make you just scratch your head.


This is just an awesome Sports related video… a great mix of music and words and just all of the pop sports action of the past few years. I am amazed at the ability some people have to put this stuff together. Good stuff.

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