Monday, July 26, 2010

Another needed boost

Very interesting that another price increase has hit the streets. Obviously, just like the last one, it’s pretty imperative for it to stick. It’s probably too soon to tell if the last one held, but this one-two punch of price bumps is crucial to the overall long term health of the industry. And yes I know that no one ever wants to pay more, especially when things are so tight, but hopefully this correction is yet another step in the right direction.


-- I saw the blurb last week on the new South Carolina glass manufacturer named “Super Duper Glass”… now I would love to know who they are… gotta admit, the funky name sticks… though there’s probably no truth to the rumor that “Super Duper Glass” beat out “Neato Cool Glass” or “Totally Awesome Glass”…

-- Another good guy out of work… Bill Rooks was let go on Friday by Arch Aluminum. Bill has been in the industry a long time, with most of it at Ford/Visteon/Zeledyne. Tremendous person who I know will land squarely on his feet and make some company very very happy.

-- Strong new issue of Glass Magazine is out… the digital version can be found HERE. Stuff to look at? The breakdown of the new codes that are popping up out there and a few great ads… two of them being yet another super star piece by Glassopolis… and Kawneer continues its recent run of good eye catchers with a piece on their new Clearwall™ Curtainwall System. (Gotta put the ™ or else I’ll get a nasty e mail from my pal Henry Taylor..) In any case, good reading ahead!

-- Looks like Cap and Trade is dead for now… which is good… and it looks like there’s now more focus on a more comprehensive energy bill… which if done right… with thought, discussion and care, that could be tremendous for the glass industry. Hopefully the hurry to get this bill done ahead of the November elections won’t bring bad things in the way of illogical additions or legislations. (or miss crucial needed items) I am confident that the folks representing us as an industry will be all over that though…

-- Last week I noted the LinkedIn stuff and made a comment about “mini blogs” and that prompted a good friend of mine to send me a note that said “Mini-blogs equal Tweets don’t they”…. And to that my answer is “yes”…. Obviously I swung and missed on that comparison!

-- The weather in DC in 2010 has got to be something to behold… terrible winter, now followed by a vicious summer. No doubt this gives the Global Warming or “Climate Change” folks some ammo in their messages.

Links of the Week:

-- You may have seen this story, but if not, worth the click… an Air France Flight Attendant arrested under the suspicion of stealing thousands of dollars from passengers!

-- ESPN did this piece of the safety of food at the ballpark… a must read before you go and buy… (look out for the mold in the ice machine… ewwwwww)

Book of the Week:

War at the Wall Street Journal by Sarah Ellison. Fantastic insider piece on when the Journal and its parent company Dow Jones was bought by Rupert Murdoch. I love those insider style books and this one had fantastic access. A very easy and engrossing read.

Video of the Week:

Couple quietly videotaping a Bison… yes a real live gigantic Bison… and when they go for a closer look… well…. Mr Bison wanted his privacy… and I get that as I hate when tourists try and videotape me while I am walking around my backyard...

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