Monday, May 03, 2010

Taking a temporary pass

Obviously the biggest story of the week last week was the departure of Leon Silverstein from Arch Aluminum. And because of my very close proximity to the situation, my e mail box blew up with notes/questions/comments etc. Along the way many people wanted to know how I was going to handle it on here. And quite frankly that whole question has stumped me. I have a ton of thoughts and those who know me, know I am not a political guy, and I usually let it hang out. But on this one, I’m going to sit back for a while on it before I make my thoughts public. I have been burned in the past with comments or commitments too fast, and that among some other reasons is why my take will wait. It will eventually come, no doubt I will not let this pass for good… but for now we’ll let it simmer.


-- You know it is human nature these days that more people care about the inside story of a guy departing his business than what havoc the NFRC will do to your business. Kinda like the fact more people will read a story about Tiger Woods and his 121 mistresses than a story about Cap and Trade.

-- Last week I was lucky enough to happen by a major ribbon cutting ceremony for one of the newest Trainor Glass locations- this one in Ogden, Utah. Very nice event and it was a true ribbon cutting as the city supporters showed up with the biggest real scissors I have ever seen.
Congrats to the gang at Trainor on the opening and best of luck ahead.

-- Well my short run as someone who can pick games ended quick… let’s see I had the Capitals winning the cup… that’s done and I had the Nuggets winning the West in the NBA… kaput too. Yep back to being the “mush”… however thankfully it looks like my daughter did not inherit my crappy pick gene, as on Saturday she picked correctly the Kentucky Derby…. I think we may have to send her to the Preakness now to see if she can go 2 for 2.

-- Oh and speaking of the Capitals… only a hockey player would do this… on his way home from the game 7 loss, Capital Brooks Laich saw a car pulled over with a flat tire and a mom and daughter standing by it. He pulled over and when they told him that AAA was at least 40 minutes out, he changed their tire. Oh and this was on a very busy bridge too… so this guy, right after a heartbreak loss plays the hero… no way do I ever see a baseball or football player doing that. Class act no doubt.

-- The interesting angle to this who EPA lead paint gig is how many people have gotten into it, gone through some sort of training and/or invested in the equipment and material to handle it. Normally our industry moves slow, but obviously this move got to the right people and even though they did not like or agree with it (how anyone logically could is beyond me) they still are rolling with it… though each to a company hopes that saner heads prevail.

-- Last week I had the story on experts seeing improvements in the economy, then we had a tick upward in the ABI. Could all of these good signs mean anything?

-- AIA is coming… curious to see what the turnout and buzz will be… plus a tough time and location… June in Miami…

-- Last... I am taking a vacation at the end of the week… taking my son to 4th grade camp in upper northeast Michigan… yep 3 days with me and a bunch of 9 year olds in the wilderness. No phone, and obviously no lap top. These 3 days for me will be like 39 days for normal people on Survivor. So if there’s no blog next Monday night it’s because I was eaten by a bear or severely dehydrated… or both. Seriously this is either a recipe for disaster or a great future Saturday Night Live sketch.

Off to the Links!

-- Speaking of camping, I was never a boy scout (crazy I know) but now that you can get merit badges for video games, maybe I should go back. Yes , merit badges for video games… yikes.

-- Wooooooo…. The professional wrestler “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is now a part of a game from the North Carolina lottery… probably worth it to go to NC just to play it now…

-- A very cool townhouse “in the sky” that is pretty incredible…. And selling for the steal of 28 million… someday after I win the Ric Flair lottery maybe…

Video of the Week:

From friend and co-worker Dean Mead…. This I believe is him in the mascot suit (it’s what he does on the weekends…) check out this incredible basketball stunt… starting from a 16 foot ladder… awesome…. Deano is a playa...

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