Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking on LEED

( NOTE: It's a very "link" heavy edition this week... good stuff from all over!)

For the most part very few people pick on the USGBC and the LEED program, but last week in a powerful Op-Ed in the New York Times, they were taken to task. And quite frankly it was very interesting and about time. This group and program has had a free pass for the most part, and usually when dissent was raised the awesome growth and power of the USGBC shot it down. However you wonder if the pulpit of something as powerful as the pages of the Times will get more focus on the program and try to make it and the other similar efforts out there more effective for today and in the future. Here’s the Op-Ed, surely worth a read!


-- How do you know you have made it as a glass company? When someone is trying to sell your glass on Craigs List… So if need some Viracon material, click here as someone is obviously trying to sell some leftovers…

-- Speaking of Viracon and all of my friends in Minnesota… saw it was supposed to be 91 degrees there this week… so my question is… did you even get Spring, or did you go right from Winter to Summer?

-- If you are not getting the WDWeekly then you are missing out. Even if you are not in the residential world, that newsletter always has something interesting with their section called “The Talk”… It’s a weekly mini editorial wrapped around a poll and then features live feedback from the previous week. Its good stuff… and last week there was reax to the Lead Paint stuff that was fantastic. So if you are not getting this every Wednesday, then click HERE and sign up… believe me it’s worth it.

-- A Happy Anniversary to my brother and his wife… I think they have been married something like 30 years… which is amazing because everyone thinks he’s 42 and I am 52…. Which means they got married at 12…. Anyway a happy one to them and may they have many, many more!

-- I spent a few minutes on the HPBCCC (High Performance Buildings Coalition) Briefing video stream today from DC. (Sponsored by Guardian Industries) Great use of my lunchtime, eat a sandwich and watch/listen to "Building Star" news… Obviously Building Star brings a lot of potential to help business in our world and hopefully it’s rolled out right and it reaches the tremendous potential. 3 speakers, very good stats and food for thought. The video and live Twitter feed is on GANA’s site HERE.

-- Finally this week… (so many links above and below, just went shorter than normal) a great documentary is running on CNBC called “Beyond the Barrel”…. I believe it’s on next Monday the 31st again, so check local listings but it is a fantastic look at renewable energy and some of the issues and adventures associated with the technology. Set the DVR, you won't be sorry…

Off to the links!

-- Classic story about the head of “LifeLock” the company that is supposed to protect your identity… he’s had identity stolen a bunch of times… oooops…

-- Man uses case of beer as a weapon….surprised this doesn’t happen more….

-- Faking your way through and around Harvard… guess you have to be smart to outsmart those folks right?

Video of the Week:

Very cool and mesmerizing video from our own industry this week…. Viewed from outside the windows of TGP, some amazing high wire acts. This sort of work must get serious hazard pay! Anyway a big thank you to Russ Smith if TGP for taking the video and sharing it…. Awesome stuff…


Anonymous said...

ur brother and amy is only 29 years. don't forget urs is this week 2.elingert

Rich Porayko said...

I agree, I think they should get hazard pay! LOL!