Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool look at the future

Growing up I always thought by the time 2010 rolled around we’d all be in flying cars and living like “The Jetsons” with space age stuff all around. Now that never happened but this week, 3 major architecture firms were asked what they see New York City looking like in 2030 and the answers/drawings were pretty cool. We don’t get flying cars but we do at least in one scenario get a ton of glass… so that’s good. Check it out for yourself HERE. It will be interesting to look back to see how close this comes to happening!


-- Am I the only one who is not kinda blown away by the whole “living skin” of buildings. Basically it’s a trend the have plant life and vegetation grow up the entire side of the building. I just can’t get my arms around that concept. Saw it in Pittsburgh and now have seen some articles on it and it just strikes me as something that can’t be good for the building but evidently it is.

-- Saw the news on Solutia doing an awards program to honor folks (Architects, designers, fabricators etc) for their creative uses of colored laminated materials in exterior and interior spaces. This is a tremendous idea and a great way to promote not only their product but the usage of value added glass and glazing material too. So end of the day, it raises awareness and for our industry that is a very good thing. Kudos to the folks at Solutia who hatched this awesome plan… I wonder if my gold interlayer desktop can be eligible….

-- Last week we had another industry guy hang em up. Les George retired after many, many years toiling in our industry at places like Floral and Arch. Les was very helpful to me when I started at the company and was always very welcoming and positive with me- So I will always appreciate that. Les also was important in the raising of thousands of dollars for Cystic Fibrosis research. Every year a major CF walkathon was held with Les and his grandchildren (two have CF) as the inspiration to raise money. That incredible act and the money raised will surely be a part of his legacy.

-- Yes with proof of a Friday night post where my daughter somehow picked the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown by picking Looking at Lucky to win. So now she’s going for 3 for 3 in Belmont. She already wants to go to Vegas but she was bummed when I told her that they don’t offer the game “Gin” as one of the things you can bet on out there. (She plays it a lot with her Grandma and thinks she’s a pro!)

-- And yes my daughter is proving that she has the picking genes in the family….

-- Speaking of picking… I am done with hockey and hoops since all my picks are gone. Now it’s time to root and I am hoping that Montreal can pull off going to the Cup. Very happy for my friends at Walker and Glassopolis who are big Habs fans. While it hurt like heck to see my Pens lose, at least it was to people I like.

Tweet of the Week:

/Solarfeeds or click HERE to go to it. Solar Feeds is an aggregator of solar and energy news. Basically if you want to know what’s going on in the solar world- this is the place to find it… Some interesting stuff every day.

Off to the Links!

I had a few people ask me last week if they have a cool link, would I run it? And my answer is surely…. So if you run into a story that you find interesting, feel free to shoot it to me.

-- As someone that has a very cool Standard Poodle and loves dogs in general, I am aghast at this Poodle… he was entered in a creative grooming contest… while its creative… man it’s wrong… poor guy.

-- Thanks to Frank for this one..... Heinz is changing the formula/recipe of their ketchup! Wonder if it will still come out painfully slow?

-- Classic signs from China... And basically what happens when you try and mix the English language up… hilarious stuff.

Video of the Week:

This video left me pretty speechless actually… it’s a tiny little cannon…. And this video shows how its loaded and then what it can shoot. It’s wild. But then it makes you think, wow, what happens if this falls into the wrong hands? Crazy, crazy stuff…

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