Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not looking fine in '09

There’s no doubt that the biggest story on the floor of Glassbuild was what will 2009 bring us. As of 5 or 6 weeks ago many people felt 09 would be fine but the worry would be 2010. Then the Wall Street shenanigans went into high gear and 2009 was back in play- in a bad way. And while most people feel like we just have to ride this storm out, the one worry I think everyone has is the length that this will last. Projects getting scrapped or postponed because of financing can’t last forever- business has to keep going and soon you would think the bargain hunters will step in and start leveling things out. But until that happens, what looked like a solid year ahead, surely does not look that way any longer.


-- By the way, Greg Carney not being at the show… it was nothing underhanded and he’s not being held captive anywhere… he’s actually swamped (as always) finishing up some very important GANA and industry business. No doubt he was missed. By the way a few of the items Greg and company are working on are the new Sealant and Glazing manuals… both a tremendous and must have resources for the industry.

-- One last show note, It’s amazing how the Decorative Glass segment of our industry has grown. A few years ago it would take up a small part of the show- this year, it was a solid #2 behind equipment on the floor.

-- Onto the NFRC… it is election time as most of you know… and last week I wrote about who shouldn’t get voted in… this week it’s who should. Darrell Smith of the Internation Window Film Association deserves a spot- while he is not a “commercial” guy, he is fair and he is more importantly not tainted by years of NFRC debacles. Meanwhile I also endorse Roland Temple… and that’s because I have the highest respect for the company he works for and his boss, Arlene Stewart. Arlene and I disagree a ton, but she has always been fair and open towards me and I believe Roland would further the need for inclusion and transparency.

-- I write this as I am jammed into my seat on Northwest Airlines. I really do know how a sardine feels. This is insane.

-- Last week I asked about Bronze and if anyone uses it… well guess what people do… Chris McMahon from Technoform made sure to tell me about a nice project they are working with none other than Bronze…. I guess its death is exaggerated eh? But seriously do you ever wonder why there’s all of these different shades of Green, blue and grey but only one of bronze?

-- Last, I have been hearing about a return to prominence by heat mirror… to me that is amazing… we have unbelievable products available right now… proven, performers, with track records above reproach and yet some people (the folks that have no clue on how the commercial industry works) think that heat mirror is the be all, end all. It’s incredible isn’t it?

To the LINKS

-- Starbucks is wasting tons of water… maybe that’s why that cup of coffee is 4 bucks- to cover the water bill?

-- My friend BGO sent me this one.. a family pet goes missing… except it’s a Siberian Wildcat… Umm you gotta love what people keep as pets!

Video of the week

Scott sent me this one… classic advertisement… and this is how I act when my fantasy players do well in football!

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