Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Glassbuild Day 2

Day 2 is in the books...

Traffic decent in the AM but really let up in the afternoon. Still most exhibitors felt the day and 1/2 of good made it worthwhile overall... most are expecting day 3 to be a deserted wasteland...

I think people even found the USGlass booth too.... though when they saw me standing in it they strangely ran away... hmmmm

Hot Booth's on day 2... two spacer guys- Technoform and Azon both were busy and presented their materials well. Warm edge technology baby, so crucial to the good of the environment and performance overall... sadly it gets lost in the whole LEED runaround. Arizona Shower Door also had some solid traffic rolling through as well... and they deserve it as they are a well run company for sure. And speaking of shower doors, no show would be the same without Alumax now known as SAPA... their booth was looking good as always.

Seen on the floor... got to see the legendary Raj Goyal.. working at the ATI booth... always nice to see Raj that is for sure. Visited with Matt Rumbaugh and Alyssa Kirkman of the NGA.. these two work their tails off (as I am sure many others at NGA do for the show) but I give them special props because they put up with me throughout the year!

Missing in action.. I heard Marg Webb from IGMA was there but never saw her... (She was probably avoiding me- who could blame her...) Also aside from Mitch Edwards and the fine Guardian tech guys, I did not see any Guardian folks on the floor.. though I am sure they are preparing for the Glasstec show in a few weeks- since thats where they really show off.

All in all people are grinding it out but the fear of what 2009 is going to bring was on everyone's mind. With Wall Street dropping numbers like wildfire, the worry is real. Heard about several projects that were basically scrapped recently because of finance issues. Very scary and something we have to deal with.

I won't be on the floor for Day 3... so you'll have to survive without that update...

Next year this show is back to Atlanta, and by then whatever doom and gloom we are expecting will either have come and gone or be in full bloom... let's seriously hope for the best.

And by the way using Greg Carney's identity has been amazing... man that guy gets some perks!


ALM said...

Rumbaugh is a good man.

Max Perilstein said...

I agree, Matt is good people. Thanks for the post!