Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I think in this space people come to expect certain things from me… and lately it’s been the doomsday attitude that I have been showing. Well the reason I have it is I read too much and this article is another example of why it’s a scary world out there. Basically this is an expert saying gas could cost 12 to 15 dollars per gallon. That thought alone is nightmarish and if we get to that point, the piddly stuff I rant about will mean nothing. Gas is already out of control… from Saturday to Monday, the prices went up 12 cents per gallon by my house… man no one should EVER complain about glass prices ever again!


-- Coming next week is the CSI show and once again virtually most of our industry is ignoring it. Do you wonder if the specifiers ever walk the floor and say: “Hmm... isn’t there a Division 8?” And yes I know the world does not revolve around our industry, but I think it’s pretty amazing that the management of CSI has no care for why its members aren’t getting the full magillah.

-- And speaking of shows… I mentioned this last week… I think spending will be less going forward… though there will always be the ego driven folks that will “show to show” but that’s their prerogative.

-- I wrote a while back in USGlass about these scams where people call you and tell you they’ll do an article about your company… and all you have to do is give them your suppliers/customers names. Then they’ll call those folks and ask them to buy ads to celebrate your inclusion in the magazine. Gang… THIS IS A SCAM. Please if you have never heard of the magazine, and they want to shake down your supply and customers, its not real! A real magazine has ads or subscriptions to pay for it. Once a week I get a call from one of these shysters trying to spin why I should place an ad to “celebrate so and so’s 900th anniversary” Its unreal.

-- And yes so far I have used the words Shyster, Prerogative and Magillah in the blog… that’s a first.

-- Lots of discussion about the price increase laid out last week. The next few weeks look to be very interesting as everyone gets up to speed on what’s happening.

-- Not touching the Stanley Cup… guess I shoulda stayed a closet Pens fan eh?

-- This was in an article linked by USGNN on Tuesday- its about Green and companies that are in business to make you more “Green” like Seagate and their CEO Bill Watkins.
"I get on a private jet and fly to New York, so it's kind of hard for me to talk about separating my cans from plastic," he said. "They actually wanted me to convert to a full electric car," he said. "I drive a Bentley. This is the car of my life ... I'll be honest, I couldn't do it."
Yep, so his company promotes itself as green, but no way will he even try to come close to living that way… and instead will arrogantly mock it. Amazing… personally I think the NFRC should go after this guy…..

To the LINKS we go….

-- Top 100 cities to live in? Charlotte is number 1… other notables Greenville, SC (Awesome city- would live there in a second) and Tulsa at #5.

-- Apple is looking at a Solar powered IPhone… wow my luck my batteries would run out because we only get sun 3 months a year in Michigan

-- Great Blog post from Deb Levy… and by the way its one thing I beg the gang at USGlass to do… a look back in the past… man that would be a cool regular feature!

Video of the Week:

How not to handle a hockey trophy… something tells me the Wings won’t let anything happen to their Cup.

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