Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The race is on

Well the Presidential race is set… Its Obama and McCain and it really should be a very interesting next few months. Where do these guys stand on the issues that we(I) care about? Will they talk tough on China but then turtle away when the time comes? What about the economy as a whole? Will this election get caught up in a racial overtone and will the issues be ignored? How big will the blog be during this since the “main stream media” has been under fire for being one sided (depending on who you watch). Also what are their stances on Energy? Who will be the better "Green" candidate? Just because Obama is a Dem doesn't mean he's more "green" right? Should be wild… and the first biggie is who will be the running mates… will Obama pick old and experienced? Will McCain go for a younger middle of the road VEEP choice? Of all I will be curious on China because Clinton was very vocal with her frustrations as was some of the GOP candidates that lost. These guys need to step up and even the playing field there and not let that monster grow… Man, so many questions… lets just hope whomever gets in, does this country right and protects our interests… should be a very interesting run.


-- Recently a news story came out trumpeting a prediction that 8 hurricanes will hit this season… This coming off of last years very light season which also saw dire predictions. The experts though said they have changed their terminology and studies and really believe that they’ll be right this year... I think its going to be a light year again, despite the predictions… I just think you can study the science forever, but at the end of the day, the number of hurricanes and force are seriously un-predictable….

-- Speaking of unpredictable weather- as noted here a few weeks back on the awful Tornado’s… this year is one of the worst on record… ever. Nothing could’ve predicted that- or the amount of deaths from the Tornado activity. Still it gets very little play… entire towns have been destroyed… where is the coverage?

-- It’s been slow on the Glass and Metal industry lately… no great scuttlebutt- a few straggler rumors and really no big stories, outside of the price increase of course, to talk about. I think a part of that is its summer… schools are almost out and we’re in classic vacation taking time. Soon though I think things will heat up… but we’re surely lacking the buzz this year, especially in comparison to last year.

-- And yes I did see the blurb on USGNN about the NFRC issue and I am pretty thrilled. The more people that can be made aware and educated the better. Just today I had 2 co workers ask me for a run-down on the whole NFRC event… and I made it through the first few minutes without going into my normal hysterics. I was so proud. But seriously, the more you know… the better we’ll all be!

Off to the LINKS!!!!

-- SWEET JUSTICE… one of the lawyer leaders of some really frivolous lawsuits gets caught with kickbacks and gets 30 months in jail… Shame it wasn’t one of the ambulance chasers involved in our industry.

-- There’s someone actually named… In God We Trust… this article is interesting on how people can change their name to anything…. My new name I think will be “Give You Order” so when people call they’d said “Give you Order” please….

-- Yep, don’t fear China… Trust them… like US Commerce Sec Carlos Guiterrez… who left his laptop UNATTENDED and the communist Chinese hacked it! Stupidity abounds…

-- and last, most jewish folk are not known as world class athletes… (And sorry PC Police I can say it because I'm one of em) but this year in major league baseball there’s 2 jewish guys tearing it up and could be on their way to being the MVP in their respective leagues… great story here… see Mom, a couple more years of baseball and this could a been me!

Picture of the week:

This was bound to happen....

Video of the week

I am posting this before Weds Game 6 with the Red Wings and Pens. After game 4, my next door neighbor – a big Wings fan, gave me a handful of plastic forks… to drive home the fact the Pens were done.. “Stick a fork in em!” Well the Penguins battled and won an incredible 3 overtime thriller on Monday night… and while I still think now that the Wings will win- it sure was a great event late Monday/Early Tuesday and a memorable birthday shoutout for my sister as well!

And that really should be the last of the Penguin videos for a while… unless they win it all of course!

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