Saturday, December 15, 2007

The quick weekend post

Quick one with a few great links...

China... remember them....

Click Here for a great article that my brother found this morning.... its called "Offshoring Santa" and it even features this great line:

Glass and electronics are two other industries that have moved overseas, shifting jobs from the U.S. to India and Asia.

See keep on supporting them... and say bye bye.... and yes this does include glaziers- I know its nuts, but there's already more than a handful of projects that have come from communist China already glazed, meaning direct sells and finding craftsman and not glaziers to set into place. Believe me if the mirror side of the business has taught us anything, going direct is always the goal.

Then this great one... people in China.. DON'T WANT TO BUY toys MADE THERE!!!!

Click Here!

Its a hoot... so we get stuck with leaded up Dora the Explorer and they are smart enough to avoid it!

Last- the best movie of the season and one of the best ever made was on last night... "Its a Wonderful Life"

That movie rules and I swear, Donna Reed is the just the ultimate woman... and yes my wife knows I feel that way.. I may be the only human in the world with a crush on a movie character from 1946.... you can keep Jessica Alba and the rest, I'm down with my babe from 46....

Amazingly I have the DVD thanks to my sister, but yet I chose to sit through all of the commercials and watch it on regular TV... and yes I have issues...

Have a good rest of the weekend... and for those of you getting crushed by this winter storm.. stay warm and safe!

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