Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Top 10 for 2007

You know its a very slow news time right now... In fact as I was told yesterday, its not a slow news day... Its a dead one. So what do you do when things are slow... look ahead with one of those classic "forecasts" for the upcoming year.

So without further delay, the Top 10 Glass Industry Discussion issues for 2007.

10. Dynamic Glazing- Huh, what is it? It's the ability to have glass go one extra step in working to reduce the energy costs. It is expensive, but a better and easier option than Sunscreens or other shading mechanisms. The leader in the field is Sage and its something you'll hear more and more about as time goes on.

9. Price- Would it be a year if people didn't discuss pricing- increases and decreases- no matter all of the great things to talk on- this will always be an issue.

8. Surcharge- See #8. Its funny, people who want to make an issue out of the surcharge suffer from the same problem I do when I talk NFRC- no one seemingly cares.

7. NFRC- It may only be my issue... but its my Top 10 list dammit. Ah someday you'll see...

6. Health Care- Now this is a MAJOR issue for our industry and many others. The costs and difficulties surrounding the health care angle are staggering and downright scary.

5. Shortages- Will there be shortages in Glass or Aluminum this year? Some grumblings are out there, but I am on the side of supply may be tight but not out.

4. BEC- Yes shameless plug- but the next time you can get 600 of the industries most powerful people in a room, let me know. BEC will and for that will be a top issue in 2006- remember, its the who's who of the glass and glazing industry.

3. Green- Green Building was listed as one of the Top Trends for 2007 by one major newspaper. So expect the calls to ramp up asking about recycling and usages. Maybe though someday the USGBC will realize that glass and aluminum can play a bigger role in Green glazing- but until then we'll be relegated to the position after "do you have a bike rack" (Seriously)

2. Low E- Yes my fellow blog mate, the Professor, Paul Bieber will surely say this is #1 and I think its pretty darn important. Using Low E everytime, everywhere should be a major goal for this country. No building or dwelling should be without it. Way too many benefits here that last for a lot longer than people realize. (and yes as a tease, much more on Low E coming soon to a Blog near you)

and the #1 top issue in our industry for 2007:


CHINA. Look out folks, the China freight train is coming. In fact I know of one fabricator who loves to bang his chest for how great he is, suffering because he's done a couple of jobs with China that have gone very bad. Believe me, this is not an NFRC like issue where there's sides- every North American Manufacturer, Fabricator and Glazier should be on the same page here. I can go on and on- and probably will as the weeks go on- but for now- consider this the top "issue" for 2007.

Ok and so since I did a Top 10, the video for today is a classic David Letterman top 10- with help from Dr. Phil... Enjoy.


surmasco said...

Let's not forget about other Dynamic Glazing technologies such as heated glass, photovoltaics, etc.

For more on these technologies, and switchable glass, check-out:

Thermique heated glass already has low-e built in and may soon be proven to lower energy bills by allowing us to turn down the thermostat while keeping/ increasing occupant comfort.

Now combine heated glass with photovoltaics and we get: low-e, increased occupant comfort, lower heating bills, and energy generation all in one!

Switchable is also a great interior application for conference room walls, bathroom doors, and more.

Great Top 10 ... keep'em coming Mr. Maximus Glassimus.

Anonymous said...

Great List!

Anonymous said...

Max you da Man! Great top 10.

Rocco Ficara