Saturday, January 20, 2007

At Glassweek in Sarasota

Live from Glassweek in Sarasota...

GANA Glassweek is a yearly gathering of glass product and equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and fabricators. Years ago it was THE gathering but consolidation in the glass industry thinned the ranks and really business operates a bit different now. Even with that, you still have all of the high powered execs from the above mentioned groups. (And no I am not counting myself amongst the "high powered")

We had a few speakers today and one that was scheduled who had to cancel. The speaker who canceled was talking about one of my favorite subjects- China. I do not know why he canceled, but I won't be surprised if I hear he's now in the cell that Jack Bauer vacated last week. (If you watch 24 you'll get that- if you don't sorry but don't worry it probably wasn't that clever anyway).

Anyway the big item I wanted to bring up actually came to me earlier this week and then was mentioned by one of the speakers today. I got a call that Kawneer was changing its beloved legendary blue logo. The person told me that "I need to write about it on my blog" and I told him there's no doubt I would.

If you missed it, USGNN had the news on this on Wednesday. I was shocked. I mean why would you change one of the most recognizable pieces of your business? It made me think back to my first day at Arch... as the "Marketing" Manager...When a very wise man said to me...

"Marketing.... Who the hell needs Marketing"

He was right because sometimes people "market" just to justify their existence. Changing a logo cries that out. But that's not my company and business, and they can do what they want, but there will NEVER be a glazier that will say to his buddy:

"Ya know Frank, this material is just so much easier to use since they went with that warm, red, stylized K for their logo- thank goodness they switched"

End of the day it’s their decision and they are smarter than me, I'm just a pop-tart stealing, communist Chinese fighting, NFRC is a nightmare type of guy. So what do I know....

And as for other marketing... I present this video- if this was actually a real product it could probably sell!

I swear if my brother and I got into crime that would be us.

More later in the week!

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