Saturday, November 03, 2018

Rest in Peace Nick Barone

Recently its not been the best of times, first the tragedy in Pittsburgh, my home town, at a place of worship that I know so very well shook me to my core.  I still can’t even process what went on and I can only hope we can all stay strong and push forward.  Then early last week I got the word that Nick Barone of  GGI passed away.  That was another massive blow to the gut for me.  Nick was a very good man.  Treated me and so many others incredibly well- always with a smile and a story.   I knew Nick as a customer of his and for a short time a co-worker.  He was always a guy you could count on to improve your mood.  He took the time to get to know everyone he came in contact with and could hold a fun conversation with anyone.  He was incredibly good at what he did and it’s devastating to lose him so young.  Our industry, GGI, and especially Nick’s family lost a great person way too early.  My thoughts and prayers to all of Nick’s family and friends and I know I won’t easily forget what he did and how he did it.  Rest in peace my friend.


--  So we have to all keep moving no matter what… and to that extent… a few notes of industry events that just opened registration that are must attend events.  First coming up on November 15th is the next “Thirsty Thursday” webinar and this one is open to all!  More info can be found HERE but this is a rundown of everything the National Glass Association has going on right now and if you want the insight of what is happening at the trade level (you should) don’t miss it.  No membership needed to attend, so click the link and join in.

--  Next registration for Annual Conference and BEC are now open.  Annual Conference is in January and it’s the premiere technical event in our industry.  If you want to stay on top of the guidelines and approaches that are going on in the glass world, this is one to be at.  To register and learn more- click HERE.  Dates are January 22-24 in Naples, FL.

--  Last is the annual BEC Conference in Las Vegas.  I have been honored to be a small part of an amazing team that put together the program for this year and its fabulous.  If you are a glazing contractor- THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU.  The agenda is what your peers have determined include the issues that affect you and your business daily.  Meanwhile for all others it is a networking bonanza.  I visit with more people in 2 days at BEC than I can anywhere else (outside of GlassBuild of course) and that value is off the charts!  Register now- HERE

--  The latest Architectural Billings Index stayed above the mainline but the analysts are starting to hedge the bets some seeing a potential slow down in the near future.  Still positive metrics are there and the Midwest region posted its best monthly score in a very long time.  I think the stock markets volatility may be playing into these numbers as well- it would be nice to see some sort of calming of the markets overall as they herky jerk of the index really does cause some angst.

--  This Deer doesn’t like glass.  Wild story.

--  My pal Chuck Knickerbocker of TGP had this first on his great blog but I wanted to also share here… the ENR Top 600.  Good and interesting poll.

--  Last this week- in my glasstec coverage I left out some very important people. The folks from NGA that I had the honor to work with while there!  This group really is amazing and I am thankful to even be in the same room with them.  So many good things are happening at NGA with Glass Magazine, GlassBuild America, Education, Advocacy and more.  The NGA contingent led by Nicole Harris and including Andrew Haring, Katy Devlin, Urmilla Sowell, Sara Neiswanger, and Jonathan Watson brought an intense work ethic to the floor each day and it blew me away.  What NGA is doing right now is a massive benefit to our industry and I am excited for the future and next steps!


No one missed this guy?  Something doesn’t add up

There is hope after all… good work young man!

Wow- don’t spoil the ending of books or else…


Great work by Ford on this commercial… love it!

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