Sunday, November 25, 2018

Past Details

So in my previous post I talked about my MVP process and I asked for any feedback.  Well you all came through with quite a bit of insight for me to consider, easily the most I have had since starting this process back in 2013.  The one thing I realized is that many of you probably hadn’t seen or remembered the runners up each year.  So I decided to list those incredible folks here.  I have always kept it in my head that I won’t repeat people so I can spread the recognition around, but I think after this year, those who were runners up in the past can be future MVPs.  In any case I think I have an incredible slate for this year (posting in a few weeks) and I am excited to determine the winner and share all!

Previous Runners Up

Dr. Tom Culp
Mark Silverberg
Ed Zaucha
Mic Patterson
Oliver Stepe
Dr. Helen Sanders
Scott Thomsen

John Wheaton
Rick Wright
Tom O’Malley
Bernard Lax

Walker Glass  
Garret Henson
Dip Tech
Kris Vockler

Mike Albert
Thom Zaremba
Urmilla Jokhu-Sowell

GCI Consultants
Darijo Babic
Cathie Saroka


--  The Architectural Billings Index was in the positive territory yet again last month… so the “plus” trend continues but the number continues to decrease each month.  I have a feeling this coming month we’ll have a below 50 score.  Its not anything to be alarmed about yet, but does bear watching.

--  Greenbuild was recently held and I have to give kudos to so many in the glass industry who stayed away.  That event is not a worthy one in my opinion and the LEED process surely not a valuable one for glass and glazing.  Again one guys opinion here but nice to see more and more companies from our world see the same thing I have seen and noted.

Some quick hits….

--  Speaking of green building but in a more real sense, some positive news via Dodge on the growth of sustainable products.

--  People want more energy efficiency… huh?  What a stunner (for this I really wish I had a sarcasm font)  That said it’s a good thing, no matter how obvious.

--  Vitro Architectural Glass did a very cool survey on expectations… Smart and informative. 

--  Kudos to the super folks at Safti-FIRST for being imvolved in the annual “Giving Tuesday” event and donating turkeys.  Great going here!

Last this week… 2 non industry notes..

--  As a guy who loves to follow the marketing world its been interesting to see how the massive success of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” (See it.  Really tremendous) has driven other advertisements and marketing.  Over the holidays I saw several ads that featured Queen or their music.  Love when marketing people can quickly recognize and jump on the right trend.

--  It’s the holiday season and with that comes the onslaught of seasonal movies on the Hallmark Channel.  These movies do incredible ratings and they are huge hits with my wife and daughter and many others.  But the thing that cracks me up is it is literally the same formula for every single movie.  All they do is change the setting and tweak the plot a tiny bit.  Heck in many cases they use the same actors!  In any case it just makes me laugh, but it does prove that when you have something that works, you stick with it.  Classic “if its not broke, don’t fix it” theory.


--  Nice to see when celebrities use their place in the world for good.   The fires in California though are heartbreaking.

--  Heavy snow and a camel.  In Philly.  Surely an odd story

--  I hate daylight savings time.. but looks like Japan loves it- especially if it makes a difference in the Olympics to be held there.


This is worth watching to get to the end.  Can the guy talking actually hear the interviewer??  Hmmmm.  The commentary of the viewer from home was fantastic too.

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