Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Complete GlassBuild Recap

Wrapping up 2018 GlassBuild America… overall the show was very strong and it matches the overall attitude I heard from many on the floor.  People are very busy and doing well.  So I am very encouraged about how things are headed in our world.  I thought the floor was incredible with regards to the exhibits.  Simply blown away at designs and layouts and how many companies went the extra mile to stand out.  The education and demos did not disappoint and I think the networking potential was easily realized- so many people were meeting all over Vegas; it was surely a productive week for most.

So now on to my personal awards and my annual recap of seen and not seen on the floor.  The show does its Best in Show and the winners were great but I wanted to give kudos to a few others.  I loved the carpet in Vitro’s booth.  It was laid out like a piece of glass and then a piece of oversize behind to show the new size capability.  Pure brilliance from Rob Struble and Glen Miner as always.  HHH’s booth caught the eye of many with very effective marketing pieces- it was super- the duo of Mike Synon and Melissa Blank really came through with a win, and I continually love Quanex’s classic booth that is always front and center and a great show piece- just wish I could’ve actually visited the team there, ran out time.  In the end there were tons of others that deserve congrats too- but this blog will be extra long as it is, so I’ll stop there.  By the way in an upset, best shirts went to Tubelite.  Love the colors!  Unique and cool taste choice.  The former champ Salem had great ones again- as always-, but Mary Olivier and company win it in 2018. And best dressed non company division, Chris Fronsoe of ICD- including the most stylish shoe choices this industry will ever see.

As for the folks on the floor, I was so busy this year with Express Learning, GEF and the Knowledge Bar I did not get around like in the past and missed some folks I hoped to see.  I was though happy to visit and meet in person Heather Monroe of Machines and Wheels.  She’s got great products and she brought Cheerwine soda for me to try (I wrote about it a few months ago) – it was awesome and I am thankful!  Also thankful the hospitality of Bill O’Keeffe and Diana San Diego of SAFTI FIRST- so bummed that my schedule got in the way of spending time with them.  Same with Joe Dressler of Tremco- wish I could’ve broken away but just couldn’t pull it off. 

A Happy Anniversary to Heather West!  Heather’s incredible company (best PR in the industry) celebrated its 20th year in business during the show!  Congrats Heather and here’s to many many more years on top!  Speaking of major leaders in their field, getting to moderate a panel with Garret Henson was great, and seeing the guy with Hollywood great looks Cameron Scripture of Viracon is always a fantastic moment for me.  On that panel by the way, it was remarkable to be on stage with Allen Mathis of YKK and Jeff Rende of Guardian Glass as well.  Those guys (including Garret) were OUTSTANDING! (3 really smart, classy guys carrying me for an hour- thank you!)

Because I was busy I missed spending any time with Bill Sullivan, Sam Benowitz, Dan Wright, and Joe Staffileno all of whom I saw on the floor but could not get anything more than a “hello” out. Pretty much same for my pals Ian “Nic Cage” Patlin and Max Hals of Paragon- I’ll see them more at glasstec.  I did however run into a ton of my past life favorites like Jack Wickstrom, Jon Johnson, Cliff Monroe, Bret Summers, Cliff Helterbran, Erik Stumpf, Mike Hossley, the awesome Wardi Bisharat, Jackie Audette, and in a stunner Ashley Charest.  So cool to see her once again!

Work was getting done on the floor- every time I saw Ralph Aknin and his talented crew from Glass 3 Enterprises they had a crowd around them hanging on every word from Ralph’s mouth.  Same also for Tom Donovan of Suntuitive Dynamic Glass/Pleotint, he was flying high after his product was featured on Treehouse Masters last week.  (More on this on my post next week- huge) Tom O’Malley of Clover Architectural is always here and I always appreciate whether I get to talk to him for 1 minute or 1 hour.  Great guy.  I only got a few minutes with marketing and business development virtuoso Andrew Haring.  Such an terrific person, I am a huge fan and it was nice to just catch up without any specific marketing need or video to shoot attached.

I was blown away that this was Chuck Knickerbocker’s first GlassBuild!  Great to see him and catch up and speaking of first time GlassBuild attendees Tessa Miller, the superb marketing lead from Trex Commercial Products (formerly known as SC Railing) was also making her first appearance at the show.  I loved hearing her thoughts on the show floor! 

I enjoyed chatting with Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass.  He was a rockstar here this week again, every presentation he did just had the crowd completely engaged and enthused.  While we are on the subject of fired up, the team at IGE Glass Technologies fit that bill, packed pavilion to the point where I had to come an hour before the show started on day 3 to even get a chance to chat with them. 

I LOVE meeting new people.  This time I was honored to meet several.  Leading the way was Kahala Knoop of Pacific Mirror and Glass.  She was a huge help to me while I was moderating the GEF session mentioned above and then we had a great talk on social media- really sharp!  Kristin Thomas of Tab Glass stopped by my spot at the Knowledge Bar to say hi and I am so glad she did- really impressed by everything she’s accomplished and Tab is an awesome company.  I ended up talking her ear off and I hope she made her flight in time!

Last to mention, my utmost respect to the entire team at NGA- this is a monumental event to pull off and this year there were more moving parts and pieces than ever before.  The team there is awesome and I am grateful to get to work with them.  They all deserve kudos for an incredible effort!

Obviously I probably missed some big ones, so I may mention a few more next week.  In any case it’s on to the next ones, starting with glasstec in Germany at the end of October and the Annual Conference and the BEC at the start of 2019.  I look forward to it all!


On this one.. one word… HOW?

Amazing commute to work- I don’t get it- but you do what you have to I guess.

You may have seen this story before- women grabs dynamite instead of a candle.  Crazy scary


Some of you may have noticed I was not wearing my yellow vest this year- that’s because GlassBuild brought in an awesome video guy to do the work while I was speaking/moderating etc.  Unbelievable work was done.. here is video from the 2nd day on the show floor featuring Elvis…

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