Monday, September 10, 2018

GlassBuild Week

Before I start, my thoughts are prayers are out to everyone on east coast with the impending Hurricane.  Very scary times and here’s hoping for the best.

Ok… we are finally here- GlassBuild America.  One year ago we gathered in Atlanta and the hopes and expectations were very high but unfortunately a hurricane timed itself just “right” and changed plans for so many who planned to attend. Now this year, we should see a very strong and excited crowd with the combo of people who missed the event last year and an overall positive energy surrounding the industry right now.

On the floor and in the surroundings here at the convention center there is ton to see and do.  It is exciting to see that not only can you walk the aisles and see the best exhibitors in the world but you have education all over the place including express learning and action demos.  Plus many exhibitors are planning in booth experiences, folks like IGE have a ton going on with their machinery and various demos and Diamon Fusion has gone as far as having a specific meeting room set aside for a presentation on 9/13 upstairs in the hall.  In addition there’s numerous companies having sales meetings, lunches, hospitality events etc. in combination with the show.  It truly is ground zero for everything happening in our world right now and its quite exciting.

Initial impressions on a floor in progress…  I am always amazed how this show gets built up from nothing.  So many people work so hard to make it shine when the doors open.  Plus it’s very hot out here, so this is not the most fun working conditions.  Walking around its good to see the equipment side of the hall on display.  You name the equipment player and they are here.  It’s incredible. And this show is not the big equipment one- usually the Atlanta version is.  No matter what your role in this industry is, there is equipment here to support and advance your efforts!

I am also excited for Fall Conference to be integrated in to GlassBuild.  I know for some of those folks it makes for a longer week but I think this format is worth a shot and quite frankly there are advantages to getting things all done in one fell swoop vs. having individual events.

Also I must give props to the many exhibitors who really brought the best out of their social media game.  This year by far has been the best with exhibitors utilizing the social medium fully to promote what they have going on.  (Note- If you are coming to the showI will be presenting on social media twice at the Express Learning area)   I have to give big credit to the team at FlexScreen.  They had an amazing series using video snippets and their entire sales team helped push it.  Very well done!!

As I always do after a show on my next post I’ll be noting whom I was lucky enough to visit with and also some of my own personal takeaways from the show.   Note if you are coming to the show, I won’t be in my traffic director vest this year- its been retired for now, but I still hope you’ll look for me and stop me to say hi!


My son is moving to Florida for college.  He hates these sort of animals.  Better keep this from him.

Absolutely next level thinking here.

You know just when you think there’s no good left in the world a simple story like this hits.  Nice work young man!


The latest remake out there is “A Star is Born” and its getting a ton of hype.  Will it live up to it?  I’m not so sure- Trailer is below.  Meanwhile I am hoping that the new Jennifer Garner movie “Peppermint” lasts long enough in theaters for me to see it post GlassBuild.  Love Jen in a serious revenge role!

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