Sunday, June 25, 2017

Communication is Key

For the majority of the industry things are really rolling but with that comes bumps in the road and that latest challenge is trucking availability.  The transportation issue has not been very smooth for years but in the last month it has gotten worse thanks to float plant issues and a seasonal shortage in available drivers and equipment. The best way how to deal with this and basically most adventures we have these days is with increased proactive communication and planning.  Be active is communicating with your supplier, make smart and realistic plans and communicate with the rest of the customers in your supply chain.  And make sure that everyone is also communicating with his or her stakeholders too.  The more you can do this the better off you and your company will be.  Really at the end of the day in this current setting communication is so crucial.  And the fine folks at the end of the line- the glaziers & glass shops- get crushed with crazy requests and moving timelines…. So do all you can to make their lives easier… communicate to the fullest!


--  When I mention about being busy I can also point to the latest Architectural Billings Index… up yet again in May and also reaching highs for the year on both the index and new product inquiry number.  This all continues to match up with the forecasts going forward… let’s keep it going and get after it while its all good….

--  I went to see Wonder Woman (solid movie) and I was probably the only one in the theater who absolutely geeked out when Wonder Woman held up a piece of digitally printed glass featuring an old picture!  That was so cool… I wonder if the producers got the idea from GGI’s Harlem Hospital job… that was the first thing I thought of.

--  Did you know that the word “Spandrel” has a biological meaning?  I was stunned when someone sent me this link… for you fellow glass nerds check it out.

--  This Fall aside from GlassBuild here there are two other events to mark on your schedule to get to or support.  The Glass + Metal Symposium in September and then Glass Interiors Symposium in November offer excellent learning and networking opportunities.  I will be for sure at the Glass + Metal one and I’m looking forward to it.  To learn more click their names above.

--  At these shows you probably won’t find any fake architects… yes a fake architect who actually did quite a bit work before it was uncovered was recently in the news.  Amazing story… and a twist as the code name for the investigation into this came from a legendary “Seinfeld” plot….

--  Last this week a heads up… no blog for me next week…. With Canada Day and Independence Day coming I’ll be skipping that week and will return to this space the week of July 9th… unless of course major news breaks and if it does I’ll post here and for sure I’ll post on twitter at @maxpsolesource.  So for my friends in Canada and the US I hope you and yours have a great holiday!


--  I hate Robocalls (not as much as I hate fireworks but a close) and so it’s good to see someone going down for this…

--  I’m not sure I understand the need for t his “record” as no normal person would ever do it.

--  I think I can speak for many road warriors… this was a nasty practical joke! 


Short quick video of a guy who has great soccer skills… put to good use in the market….

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Diane B said...

I'd rather be a "glass geek" than a "glass nerd". It's more poetic somehow.